Sunday, April 11, 2010

What if cab/taxi driver is on phone

What if cab/taxi driver is on phone?
this was the term some body searched and came to my blog. no surprise I am already seeing ppls disrespect for cab drivers. its a shame, any way that reminded me of 28th of january when we first heard this news on 1010. later that evening I was dropping some body in williamsburg and 1010 was on and this news came, the news caster actually said that TLC wants you to dial 911 if your driver is on the phone. and my passenger said, " like there are no other real emergency other than my driver is on phone."
now if you are in a situation that your driver is on the phone here are the few steps you can take.

1) either cut the call you had been talking to or hold the person.
2) dial 911
3) start screaming and crying
4) tell operator "oh my god i m gona die, the world is ending today, my driver is on the phone"
5) if the driver stops the car and look at you open one door and take just one leg out and repeat step 3 & 4.
6) then unhold the person or call him/her back and continue your chit chat.

I am as much hazard to public as you are driving your personal car while on phone or walking and ignoring right of ways on intersection.

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