Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Wouldn't Do That

I often come across peoples who I see some body refused them and they look disappointed and ask me first before getting in. so was the case this Friday afternoon. city was busy and this girl looked at me and asked I am going to queens. it was 4:30 pm and no body was taking her. I took her and we went on. she got a call and was apologetic to the person on the other side for being late and told the person the she was having a hard luck finding a cab for queens. after she hanged her phone I told her that its easier at that time of the day to at least walk up to 3rd ave to get a cab going queens. and she can actually complaint against guys who refuse her any time to queens. her angle like face and smile I will never forget. she said, "no I wouldn't do that"
I hate my fellow cabbies whom I see all the time working while off duty and asking every passenger. its not they have to change shift. its just they don't want to leave the city. a few extra bucks worth being selfish and cruel?

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