Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Killer Inside Me

 it was an ok movie. nothing much to say its a time pass rate it 5/10.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Him to The Greek

a totally fail movie. I dont even know why they decided to come up with this movie? I wathed coz they were behind knocked up and I kinda liked that light everyday movie. rating it 2/10.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Extra Driver Fee

most of the peoples dont own the madellion but they own the car means they lease the madellion. now to add a driver to such car fee was used to be 30 bucks. then all taxi management came up and made it 50 dollars earlier this year. now from next week the fee will be 100 dollars. I went to ask if they are serious he showed me a guy's paper who asked him to raise his monthly madellion pay from 2500 dollars to 2800 dollars a month becoz apparently thats what another broker at brighton beach brooklyn is paying.
all taxi refused him, showed him his contract that he is bound to be with them until 2015. now the guy went to TLC and TLC sent all taxi a notice that they could be summoned. now with TLC every body knows they are ruthless animals not taking cabbie conditions into count to make decesion. so all taxi made the move and now the extra driver is 100 dollars on top of your lease. where do cabbies stand? the fare is not rising but every thing else is. the most they will do is they gona make that extra 50 cent permanent a little bone to cabbies?

Monday, September 20, 2010


Armagedon is coming. those were the worlds of my passenger who got in the cab. I asked him how so?
he said, well you know weather is crazy and changed and so is the world and peoples. so something big is going to happen. now I thought to my self may be he read something about the new world is going to end in xxxx year. like y2k and now 21st december 2012 or may be he watched movies like knowing or 2012 so I asked him are you talking about 2012?
he said I dont know but something big is happening and soon we will see.
then he started talkin about himself and how he had lived in nyc. and told me hey man I worked at restuarents and you dont work hourly you work on tip. as soon as he said tip I knew I am not going to get a single penny out of him coz he said how he never got tip or so little. guess what if I was right or wrong about getting something out of him?
I am always right :d

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Election Day

Since I start from JFK most of the time I get jobs to manhattan. on election day (i think tuesday september 13th) I had a lady with just a handbag. she looked exhausted. she said I am going to 68th and hunter college, & was wondering in my head if she is a professor when she asked me, " you know vote?" I was dumbfolded coz I couldnt make the connection between hunter college and vote. and honestly I thought may be its a place name coz I get peoples all the time who would expect me to know even tiniest restuarents or bars in the city. so I asked back, "vote?" she said oh you know vote, do you vote? and then it came to me oh today is the election day they had been talking so much lately about replacing democrats. well I told her that I will vote in the next presidential election.she asked me if I was a democrat or republican. well honestly I am kind of a swing vote. I like democrats but I definately dont wana say no to GOP, I do wana hear them out too but seems every time they have to say its always not making much of a sense. if you know what they proposed about tax breaks to wealthy. well as I told her I am going to register as a democrat she cheered and said, " we need all the democrats we can get."then she was not only worried about that day's election but also about the presidential one. she talked about some mardock guy who owns much of media and thinks coz of him obama wont win the 2nd term. then she asked me can you wait outside if you do I wont have to walk to my home its just 3 blocks. I was impressed by her willing to go n vote and take her part to keep the change ameircans got after gettin rid of bush so I gladly accepted to wait she took just a few minutes and was out. Once I dropped her she gave me 20 dollars tip. 70 buck for JFK not bad eh?

Saturday, September 18, 2010


cruising up on first ave I saw a woman, hand stretched and another cab about to miss her and yes he did. I pulled in front of her, she said make a left we are going to union sq, 14th & park ave. every ave going down was a mess tonight. construction and some newly hired guy messing up manhattan knocking down lanes and with fewer lanes guess what you will have? traffic jams what else.she talked about the yesterday's storm and quickly we were talking about internet and how wonderful it is. She makes movies/films and has a wonderfull online presence at youtube. she hasnt blogged in a while but she did wonderfull jobs with her videos. check her work out at

Friday, September 10, 2010

Confused and making you confuse

new york city has aroun 8 million peoples and its the biggest mixture of peoples from different back ground race nationalities and countries. so a few ppls learn english fast and a few learn it slow. some fluent enough and some not so good at speaking their hearts out.
so I had an old french couple from jfk. they told me 0000 st in brooklyn. I asked them address and they said remsen between 0000 and 0000 I asked them again and they handed me a piece of paper. it read

for taxi driver

please bring us to 0000 remsen st between clinton st and court st
many thanks.

i was glad some body asked them to print this paper out and hadn it over to the cab driver but was even more pleased with that little word "many thanks" cab drivers care about being respected the most.

this reminds me of 2 more incidents well both of them are bad, One I had to fight in TLC court will write about later on but the second one was again from jfk and it was a russian old couple with most probably their grand child

after our usually greetings exchange the guy went on: e7 between 00 and 00
me: in manhattan?
him: what?
me: you are going to manhattan?
him: brooklyn
me: how you wana go?
him: what?
me: how would you like to go?
him and his wife: e7 between this and that
me: ok you take BQE?
him: yes
me: ok BQE to what exit?
him: ocean parkway

now I am drving once I passed first exit to belt parkway off of van wyck express way the guy said: you missed that
me: missed what?
him: verrazano bridge.
me: what verrazano bridge?
him: I told you verrazano bridge
me: ok you can go to verrazan bridge from BQE too why didnt you tell me
him: I told you ok

now I try at frist not to indulge into a heated conversation untill they keep pushing to I just made a u turn and went back to belt parkway. I took 3rd exit and made a u turn which would have been 0.2 miles.

once at his destination he didnt pay me. went out and knocked the trunk so I poped it. since he was an old man helped him unloading all of his luggage. he came back and asked me how much?
me: 42 dollars.
him: how is this much?
me: I dont know its on meter.
him: I am not going to pay this.
me: what?
him: I am going to pay you 10 dollar less.
me: ok listen either pay this money or call the police, you will pay this money and meter will keep runing if you wait for police and still you will pay me my money.
him: why call police? becoz you did wrong?
me: I didnt do anything wrong you gave me wrong directions now what you wana do pay or police?

he handed me a 100 dollar bill and said I dont have change so break this. I know some time peoples really dont have change so I dont mind breaking bills as long as I check them I checked the bill and gave him 58 dollars back. with no tip and thanks he went his way and I went back to jfk. do I need to mention it was my frist job around 4 on a friday afternoon?

Monday, September 6, 2010

so sweet

I got 2 couples they were going down town. on their way one of the girl from the rear seat told his boy friend that he should call his sister, he called and put it on speaker. it went straight to voice mail.
the sweet part of the voice mail greeting was that the girl (my passenger' sister) and her boyfriend had this greeting saved together like they would say a few words after each other. like

girl: hi this is jenny
boy: & greg
girl: we are not available
boy: pls leave us your name & number
girl: and we will get back to you as soon as possible
boy: thanks

but even sweeter part was that how my passenger and his girl friend wished his sister a happy birthday they did the same one sentence after each other and then said happy birthday together.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paint job

Getting my car a paint Gona look like new, this guy highly
recommended, love his job (still have to c when he is done) but he
erased the last paint n that matters a lot coz if u just paint then it
wear off after a while n you are back to body shop.

Horse on the wall

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Back Up Plan

liked the light comedy movie but didnt know americans freak out like that if they know they are going to have a baby. seems its different than east. anyway it was a nice time pass. rate it 7/10.

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