Q: How much to tip a NYC Cab Driver / Taxi Driver?

A: its simple if you liked the service tip him/her 20% or more. if he was just ok tip him 10% - 15% if he was rude dont tip him. keep in mind traffic is never your driver's fault so always be patience and always be certain that your driver is trying to take advantage of you being a visitor/tourist. 
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Q: What if I dont tip or tip less than I should have?

A: its insulting. be generous and tip. if you dont tip your are simply telling him you didnt like his service or if he was good enough you are simply telling him you are cheap. Some drivers will keep calm n silent. some will smirk and smile while wondering what they had done wrong to deserve such poor response while some will tell you on your face how mean you were being to them. remember $1 on a $15 or $20 ride is no tip its insulting.

Q: My cab driver took the longer route or my cab driver got stuck in traffic.

A: TLC law requires driver to take the most direct route unless otherwise suggested by the passenger. while driving in manhattan short distance trips are always on driver' best knowledge of free streets and avenues. but most of the borough or cross towns trips face traffic at some point and its not your driver's fault. either you let him decide or direct him what is your preferred route.

Q: What is the taxi fare from JFK to Manhattan or vice versa?

A: its a flate fare of $45 dollars plus tolls if any. a 50 cent surcharge on top of that makes it $50.30 and usuall tip of 20% makes it $59.

Q: What is the taxi fare to Newark Liberty International Airport?

A: its a rate 3 means meter will turn at $17.50 and will keep runing until you arrive at the airport. In general from midtown manhattan in a very busy traffic its always around $70 including tolls & tips.

Q: What is the fare to Laguardia Airport?

A: Metered fare, most of the time its around $30 but could be more and less depending on your location.

Q: I hailed a guy he had all his lights were on but he didnt stop.

A: all the lights? including off duty? most of the guys tell me to put my lights off if I cant take them and I have to tell them read the signs again its saying off duty.

Q: Why no body pick me up around 5 in the evening. or why no borough or airport around 3pm?

A: every cab change shift between the hours of 4pm and 5pm. private car owners change at 4pm and garage guys change at 5pm. which means private guy wont pick you as early as 3pm.

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