Thursday, March 31, 2011

Question: Gasoline price vs Fare increases

Media query: How much do you spend a week on gas?  Should fares be increased to cover the costs of gas?
Jonathan Berr, DailyFinance.

A: This single question has so many dimensions. A simple answer would be 45 for crown victoria & 20 for hybrid and personal openion no for fare increases. if you are intrested in read on.

for gas,
it depends on what kind of trips you got plus traffic. no traffic + airport trips means less gas at the end of the day. since I have crown victoria I end up atleast $42 and maximum $56 so you can say monday is $42 where I dont work full 12 hours and weekend is $56. all of my friends have hybrids they put $15 for monday and $25 for friday-satruday. but what ever they save on gas they spend on maintenance and on top of that TLC approved for garages to charge $3 extra per shift for hybrid cars since drivers save on gas but brokers where we buy cars and dont lease it also charge $42 extra for hybrid for no logical reason at all since we dont lease the car we buy it and just lease the madellion. if you are a journalist there is a very interesting story for you about brokers mischievously mishandling us.

for fare increase.
 as much as most of the cab drivers would be interested in to increase fare what they dont understand is fare increase is never in our favor. garages & brokers will increase leases which they already have. for example TLC approved 95 dollars per shift if you drive weekly but garages have been charging as high as 139 per shift. which is a voilation one of the garage I know had been sued and now they have purposed the lease increase which will come with a fare increase so which means new yorker will have to pay extra which will go right into garages & brokers pocket while we will be just the middle men taking home the same exact money we already do. and we will see decrease in tips. did you know city approved MTA tax for only one year it was suppose to end in november 2010 its already 4+ months overdue. its basically has hit us big time. most of the ppls dont know extra 50 cent is not ours.

Addidas is all in

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Got Bedbugs?

Got Bed Bugs in  your home? well new york city has it and now we are fighting back. today city unveiled a new site to educate peoples about bedbugs and how to kill bedbugs at

below affinia hotel on w 31 street is unloading an entire eighteen wheeler full of new mattresses.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Tourist (movie)

I dont kno why but I had a hinch that johny depp was actually alexander pierce. I am glad at the end I was right. a really nice move. glad it was. little action lots of drama and suspense. love it. 9/10.

W Hotel - union sq

J&R Electronics Store

Plaza Hotel - 5th ave

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar

I never thought of sachin tendulkar a great batsman coz I thought most of his centuries were against weak teams but what he did against west indies match was something incredible and only a true great sportsman could do that. Hats Off to you MR Sachin.
if you dont know sachin tendulkar is looking for his last century he has 51 in test cricket and 48 in one day international and if a friend of mine was right its his last world cup he will retire after it. he is 37 and walking out of the crease knowing you are out while impire said no he is not is something truly remarkable.
once again hats off to you mr sachin.

How much to tip a NYC Cab Driver / Taxi Driver?

This is the most asked question to me in my cab I always answered you can tip whatever you like because of the fear that they would think I am asking myself to tip. I dont wana ask tip I admit tip makes me very happy in these days of 3.75 dollars a gallone gas price but still I dont wana ask. since peoples ask this one question so much I answered a few of them who insisted even after my usuall answer.

first guy we chat a bit and when he asked this. I told him the same. he said I am new to town so dont kno. I told him its easy if you are happy with the service 20% if not pay less or dont pay at all depeding on the condition. he said "are you saying because you want 20%?" that I didnt like. I didnt ask you for tip you asked me and I told you. anyways he gave me 25%.

Second an indian girl I picked her up at JFK. she dropped one of her bag for me to lift and put in the trunk. asked me to carry her other smaller bag inside the back seat. I politely told her no becoz usually when the pull the bag they rip the seat covers (and TLC Inspection is every 4 months.)
well she came towards me, saw the trunk and said "wow, oh my god, its huge" I was wondering if she had never seen a crown victoria? again she left the bag on the ground for me to pick it up and put in the trunk while telling me "be careful it has my laptop in it."
I dropped her somewhere in 50s I blv. she asked me same question. I told her my usuall answer. she insisted. I told her its 20%. she said how much that would be coz she doesnt have a calculator. I told her 9 dollars and she said well I am gona give you 7. again why would you ask if you had decided something else?

once a friend of mine picked up 3 ladies from a hotel. they were going from one hotel to another so they checked out. one of the women gave $50 dollars to the doorman. other asked why she said I read to give 20% so I gave him 50 dollars. at the end of the ride meter showed around 18+ they gave him $20 and left. why they wouldnt tip a cab driver 20%?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

AT&T buying T-Mobile for 39 billion

Omni Berkshire Place

Radio City Music Hall - NYC

Islamic Center of New York

Red Lobster - times sq

Ruby Tuesday - Times Sq

Skechers - NYC

The New Victory Theater

Foxwood Theater NYC

Turn off the dark - spider man

Pizza Pasta Villa - times sq

New York Times Building

Sunglass Hut NYC

Metropolitan Museum NYC

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Bye Roaches

a few months back I wrote about roaches & my quest to take care of them. unfortunately every methode was met with a failure at some point. but first. flash back.
back in pk we had a great product. it promised to keep killing roaches for 6 months. in mine part of the world roaches are not as much of a big problem as they are here in usa. I blv its the way home are built over here. they are perfect for many species of life to co exist without us ever seeing them for years. unfortunately I strongly felt that capitalism in america & its greed has gone beyond limits. for example if a product is killing roaches for 6 months over there why cant they introduce it over here? well how else they will make you buy a bottle every month if the product works for 6 months? i was disappointed with the tag keeps killing for 12 months "on contact" seriously? how am I suppose to keep guard & spray to make this product work? I sprayed where roaches were hatching eggs and to my biggest surprise I found them back in exactly 7 days. enough was enough.
I tried boric acid and it works well. it literally takes care of them but white powdery stuff is suppose to sit on surfaces n it looks dusty.
I tried baking powder and sugar mixture but again you have to sprinkle it every where. I needed something else.
then came a tip from kashmir. peoples from kashmir used it in europe to combat roaches. I gave it a try and after yielding 99% decrease of roach sighting in just 3 days I am way too impressed.
its a mixutre of  raw eggs, boiled potatoes & boric acid.

all you have to do is boil a few potatoes depeding upon how much of an area you want to treat.
add raw eggs and 50gms of boric acid.
mix them well.
let it dry for a while or a day.
roll the mixture into small balls.
place these balls where ever you seen roaches or like me treat the whole house and hide them well

the trick is simple, raw eggs smell attract roaches they come and eat some of it along with boric acid. which acts and kills them so a chain reaction starts coz if they eat dead roaches they get the same acid to deal with. where we used to see atleast a few dozen quickly running under the cubboards or behind kitchen counters now I see none. oh no thats not exactly true I do see a few roaches but dead roaches. and the only 1% alive one I saw were young ones in our bathroom where I havent treated it yet fully.

Welcome To Fashion District

Only In Williamsburg

I could not believe school buses park diagonally, block all traffic to drop off children. What are those stop signs for?

Bedford Ave - Brooklyn

Putnam Ave - Brooklyn

The Bitter End

Paul Colby's The Bitter End

Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt Sculpture

Vanderbilt statue grand central terminal

Flatiron Building, NYC

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heartland Brewery

8th Avenue

James Farley Post Office - NYC

Brother Jimmy's BBQ, NYC

Brother jimmy BBQ chain restaurant pic taken at 31st & 8th ave

One Union Sq

I always wonder what's up with this art piece? Some time smoke is coming some times not reminds me of a fire work we used to have in our child hood it was some powder wrapped around a metal stick u light the end & it bursts n produces bright light n smoke

Park Ave South

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