Thursday, March 31, 2011

Question: Gasoline price vs Fare increases

Media query: How much do you spend a week on gas?  Should fares be increased to cover the costs of gas?
Jonathan Berr, DailyFinance.

A: This single question has so many dimensions. A simple answer would be 45 for crown victoria & 20 for hybrid and personal openion no for fare increases. if you are intrested in read on.

for gas,
it depends on what kind of trips you got plus traffic. no traffic + airport trips means less gas at the end of the day. since I have crown victoria I end up atleast $42 and maximum $56 so you can say monday is $42 where I dont work full 12 hours and weekend is $56. all of my friends have hybrids they put $15 for monday and $25 for friday-satruday. but what ever they save on gas they spend on maintenance and on top of that TLC approved for garages to charge $3 extra per shift for hybrid cars since drivers save on gas but brokers where we buy cars and dont lease it also charge $42 extra for hybrid for no logical reason at all since we dont lease the car we buy it and just lease the madellion. if you are a journalist there is a very interesting story for you about brokers mischievously mishandling us.

for fare increase.
 as much as most of the cab drivers would be interested in to increase fare what they dont understand is fare increase is never in our favor. garages & brokers will increase leases which they already have. for example TLC approved 95 dollars per shift if you drive weekly but garages have been charging as high as 139 per shift. which is a voilation one of the garage I know had been sued and now they have purposed the lease increase which will come with a fare increase so which means new yorker will have to pay extra which will go right into garages & brokers pocket while we will be just the middle men taking home the same exact money we already do. and we will see decrease in tips. did you know city approved MTA tax for only one year it was suppose to end in november 2010 its already 4+ months overdue. its basically has hit us big time. most of the ppls dont know extra 50 cent is not ours.

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NYC taxi photo said...

Thank you! I couldn't say it better myself. I am so angry at how the news never grabs the real story. Hopefully having the real information available on one more page on the internet will lead some reporter to find the real information quicker.

Also I noticed that seemingly the instant the mta tax was initiated, the verifone gps systems had more breakdowns. I wonder if they weren't designed to handle so much information.

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