Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How much to tip a NYC Cab Driver / Taxi Driver?

This is the most asked question to me in my cab I always answered you can tip whatever you like because of the fear that they would think I am asking myself to tip. I dont wana ask tip I admit tip makes me very happy in these days of 3.75 dollars a gallone gas price but still I dont wana ask. since peoples ask this one question so much I answered a few of them who insisted even after my usuall answer.

first guy we chat a bit and when he asked this. I told him the same. he said I am new to town so dont kno. I told him its easy if you are happy with the service 20% if not pay less or dont pay at all depeding on the condition. he said "are you saying because you want 20%?" that I didnt like. I didnt ask you for tip you asked me and I told you. anyways he gave me 25%.

Second an indian girl I picked her up at JFK. she dropped one of her bag for me to lift and put in the trunk. asked me to carry her other smaller bag inside the back seat. I politely told her no becoz usually when the pull the bag they rip the seat covers (and TLC Inspection is every 4 months.)
well she came towards me, saw the trunk and said "wow, oh my god, its huge" I was wondering if she had never seen a crown victoria? again she left the bag on the ground for me to pick it up and put in the trunk while telling me "be careful it has my laptop in it."
I dropped her somewhere in 50s I blv. she asked me same question. I told her my usuall answer. she insisted. I told her its 20%. she said how much that would be coz she doesnt have a calculator. I told her 9 dollars and she said well I am gona give you 7. again why would you ask if you had decided something else?

once a friend of mine picked up 3 ladies from a hotel. they were going from one hotel to another so they checked out. one of the women gave $50 dollars to the doorman. other asked why she said I read to give 20% so I gave him 50 dollars. at the end of the ride meter showed around 18+ they gave him $20 and left. why they wouldnt tip a cab driver 20%?


Colin said...

People don't value taxi drivers, nor the service we provide for them, the world over. I once picked up an American businessman from a hotel on Park Lane, London on the day of the State Opening of Parliament, when many roads were closed and it took ages to get there and out again, to his destination.

He tipped the man who held the door of my taxi open for him £20 - all of a few seconds work - but I who had all of the hassle of navigating around the road closures that day, got nothing.

Austin taxi cabs said...

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