Friday, April 30, 2010

NYPD Bikers

These two guys had parked thier bikes on the left turning lanes hence
making it a traffic jam

Thursday, April 29, 2010

White tulips of park ave

Central park horses

They r traffic obstruction but got more rights than cabbies

Last of spring

Ford transit cab

The future of yellow cab could very well be this car as ford suggested
ford transit for TLC program taxi of tomorrow

Park ave decoration


NYPD Towing

The guy destroyed car' bumper on 44st & 9th ave

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jfk Taxi Driver' Restroom' Situation

the restrooms at jfk taxi lot are disgusting. every commode is out of order and every sink' soap dispenser is filled with soap but no way to use it. floors are dirty and no lights on the right wing.
I actually had a passenger who happened to be a journalist. He said that once he was doing a feature and got a permission from MTA to go visit taxi lot and went there but TLC guys kicked him out coz he was taking pictures. he agreed that restrooms were filthy. I wish we could invite any journalist to look around. here is a clip the other video I couldnt complete as I make a mistake.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turn Me On

I am an immigrant so not very good with catching the lyrics of songs. I always listen to different music station and if I like a song enough to actually turn up the volume a little to enjoy I use shazam app to get the song info via my iPhone this song was one of them I liked it but never knew what he was saying. until one night.
I got this girl she told me her destination and this song came up on 103.5 I turned the volume a little up. once I dropped her she didnt tip me. I had a hinch rite then that this ought to be something coz of this song. a week later  I again got this song up on the radio and used the app to find its info and the name told me exactly why I wasnt tipped by her. enjoy the song. :)

Blow Job

This guy hailed me and got in with his girlfriend. after telling me the destination he asked me, "do you have music in this partition"? he used the word partition.
I said, "Yes"
he said, "put 103.5"
next thing he did he closed the little window between me in him. now whenever some body does this they are upto something naughty. most of the time girls talk about sex & boys but this doesnt help a bit as now u got driver's full attention. well in his case I thought may be they wanted to talk but they werent.
as soon as he closed the window I saw the girl leaning down on him. now this window is just to protect & is not sound proof. soon I heard her sucking him. I stopped at a light and the car was shaking. the driver next to me gave me a smile :o on the next light it was shaking even more and drivers on both sides eyed the car.
now this guy dropped her off uptown, went back down town. fare was $15.90 he gave me only $16. he was cheap but shouldnt anyone think taxi driver is dumb. :d

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maj Deegan Expressway

Salman Khan online math teacher from california

this guy is from my country and lives in california. he uses utube to teach young kids mathmatics. he runs his utube channe at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bus driver

That was the bus driver I talked earlier

Is that a church or what

Planet Hollywood | Times Square

Kellan Lutz | CK Houston street underwear x advertisement

Bus Driver

I hate bus drivers on 5th ave. I mean all over the city MTA bus drivers are the worst but on 5th ave they are worst of them all. they cut in just like a fast driver would but hello its a city bus with passenger inside just take a break. If I as a cabbie do something wrong I get punished and ticketed, why not a bus driver? just because he is a city employ? so thats make him forgiveable for playing with passengers life but not a cabbie?
anyway this bus driver cut in rite in front of me last week on a very busy day. I had to hard brake my cab and I actually had to honk at him. I got angered & frustrated coz it was a near miss and I had to put an effort to avoid a collision. once I honked at him he opened his window and gave me a thumbs up twice. all my anger and frustration vanished suddenly. his act told me he understands and realizes the situation and is thankful to me for letting him get away with that one. it was a unique experience as usually when one is honked at one act rationally.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Wouldn't Do That

I often come across peoples who I see some body refused them and they look disappointed and ask me first before getting in. so was the case this Friday afternoon. city was busy and this girl looked at me and asked I am going to queens. it was 4:30 pm and no body was taking her. I took her and we went on. she got a call and was apologetic to the person on the other side for being late and told the person the she was having a hard luck finding a cab for queens. after she hanged her phone I told her that its easier at that time of the day to at least walk up to 3rd ave to get a cab going queens. and she can actually complaint against guys who refuse her any time to queens. her angle like face and smile I will never forget. she said, "no I wouldn't do that"
I hate my fellow cabbies whom I see all the time working while off duty and asking every passenger. its not they have to change shift. its just they don't want to leave the city. a few extra bucks worth being selfish and cruel?

Monday, April 12, 2010

How to pay a nyc cab driver tax

Since this was my first year to pay my state and federal taxes as a cab driver so I was a bit confuse. I asked my friends and all of them go to an accountant to do the taxes. but it was irritating. I preferred doing my own taxes and did all my previous years taxes my self. They were simple 1040ez tax forms to fill and send. but why it would be so difficult to pay a self employed tax yourself?
so I tried today with turbo tax but was stuck at 1099 misc. I know your company provide you with one if you work with them but as a cab driver I had no 1099 misc form. and still it was a $100 to file so I said why still pay if I am doing my own taxes?
so I made an appointment with an accountant and went to him.
He was quick and efficient. He knew what he was doing and added all of my expenses and added phone bills and one more deduction I didn't know also I didn't know that you can deduct what ever you paid to an attorney for fighting a ticket. He was very friendly and answered my questions in plain and with every possible details. overall I liked my experience with him. he was awesome.
he charges $75 and said there was some kind of tax on them so it was $85. He also did the MTA tax too. his office is at

Raza Associates Inc
Insurance & Accounting
74-09 37th ave. suite 300
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Tel: (718) 898-9000
Fax: (718) 898-2167

Tell me how do you pay your taxes? do you do it your self or through an accountant? how much does it cost with your accountant?

The Collector

I dont know why it had so many negative reviews but for me it was a new approach to serial killing / horror movies. I dont like serial killing movies specially if the killer gets away at the end but this one was really a treat to horror fans. I rate it 8/10.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What if cab/taxi driver is on phone

What if cab/taxi driver is on phone?
this was the term some body searched and came to my blog. no surprise I am already seeing ppls disrespect for cab drivers. its a shame, any way that reminded me of 28th of january when we first heard this news on 1010. later that evening I was dropping some body in williamsburg and 1010 was on and this news came, the news caster actually said that TLC wants you to dial 911 if your driver is on the phone. and my passenger said, " like there are no other real emergency other than my driver is on phone."
now if you are in a situation that your driver is on the phone here are the few steps you can take.

1) either cut the call you had been talking to or hold the person.
2) dial 911
3) start screaming and crying
4) tell operator "oh my god i m gona die, the world is ending today, my driver is on the phone"
5) if the driver stops the car and look at you open one door and take just one leg out and repeat step 3 & 4.
6) then unhold the person or call him/her back and continue your chit chat.

I am as much hazard to public as you are driving your personal car while on phone or walking and ignoring right of ways on intersection.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Rudolphs kick and fly

Taxi In, Taxi Out

This one minute long video shows how the JFK Central Taxi Hold system works.
You enter the lot
Sit/park in lines
Wait for your turn
Go to the dispatcher both
Get your slip for terminal
Exit and away to terminal


A movie I dont think so should be a reality ever. rate it 8/10.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Special Post for NYPost

this one is special for nypost as they seem to have no knowledge but good at just to fill the paper to sell.
an nypost writer' post

TLC is more hard on cabbies than it really should have been and we actually want to make a union to get rid some of the abuse we have been facing.
for example
We are business entity and run our own so we can not have any kind of facilities any employee would have but as a business we can not chose which credit card transaction provider to chose from. every business pay 2.5% we pay 5%, a full double. for every 100 dollars we loose 5 dollars. you do the math. its TLC fogh.rced cabbie to tell you "sir my credit card unit is broke." its a double standard with no health or benefits while you do have.
TLC is no where to be found when other car services pick up passengers from street. they steal our bread and butter while we cant do anything about it. for example we are forced to charge you $45 for JFK. you wana know how much a black car charges for JFK? 80 bucks. how about laguardia? $60. in the real world that forces and yes I said forces cabbie to compete in any way possible to just get enough, keep in mind no health care/benefits.
in TLC courts they dont listen to you. they just assume you are criminal. innocent until proven guilty is not the case with a cabbie. he is judged as soon as he gets his license. they only believe to the passenger no matter what. your words never weigh. in nypd you cant complain about a car accident just a little over after a week but in TLC you can complain against a driver even after a year, driver has to break a day and come to the court. and even if he some how gets lucky enough to be found not guilty he still lost his day. I would like it to be forced TLC through a union to make the complainer pay for the driver for that day so there are no more false accusation against drivers just because you didnt know the law and TLC system.
Now the cell phone ban. ok a taxi driver is dangerous while on phone to his passenger if he is in an accident? what about the other ppls on phone? oh they are not carrying passenger. ok but still they can hit somebody? right? if yes then shouldnt be they banned too? why just a group of ppls? a cabbie is as much hazard to public while on phone as much as private drivers on phone. ban them too and lets all enjoy the safer world. wait is that you on phone? you cant wait a minute to get on phone and yes most of the time we have to honk at you because you were on phone and didnt care about walk or dont walk signal.
an alliance is not enough we need a union.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lonesome Dove

JFK Central Taxi Hold (Video)

I captured this video via my iPhone 3g, apart from jfk taxi hold it shows that how corporate greed keep selling us prototypes and wont improve their products robustly as they should. yeah I am talking about video capturing apple didnt introduce until 3gs.

Sorority Row

i never like serial killer movies and specially theme based on young college generation. they show like the whole world was dead while these killings were happening so out of this world and worst fiction. rate it only 3/10.

Empire State Building

Park ave financial giants

I love this subway station

Hawaiian Punch Restaurant

Action Hero | Donut Games

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kick Ass | Taxi Tops

A kick ass movie advertisement on taxi tops

abc, 147 Columbus ave

well done TLC

Ever since the new york time' story about crooked cabby and our commissioner's admittance and then backing off of his accusation we are left with peoples always doubting you.
First incident. I took a girl and 3 boys. she sat with me in front. told me to go to her destination. on our way she asked have I taken the shortest route? I said yes. She was taking some underage guys to club and was swiping their ids to get them inside.
Second incident. same night I took a guy he was going uptown he asked me plent of questions. like would I take a guy with mean looks to easy new york? I said mean looking and being mean to me are 2 different things. he insisted would you or would you not if he is real mean tall muscular african american going to east newyork or harlem? then when he was leaving he asked me whats that extra? I explained it to him and he didnt tip me and I am assuming he was too tired.
Third Incident the very next guy jumped in and asked me, "whats up with this extra?" I explained that they do change so dont believe that story in ny times. we both laughed. then I explained it to him that its actually MTA surcharge which makes the extra always flip and offered him to print him a receipt so he can see it for himself. he was surprised that this extra 50 cent is not for me.
if you dont know with each ride you take on nyc taxi you pay 50 cents for MTA and its not going into taxi driver's pocket.
had we been united we could easily make TLC and MTA pay us back. this surcharge has been paid from our tips and no body knows/notice that we are paying credit card fee on those surcharges too which should not be on us.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gambling in Jfk lot

These cab drivers gather to gamble in Jfk central taxi hold. They roll
dices on the ground and say "should I win" or some times say "should I
loose" situation occasionally gets ugly and they quarrel rest some
make money and some loose. They are so intense in their game that they
don't care about their turn to pick up a fare and simply move the car
back in line. One of the rules say not to gamble but it seems neither
drivers nor regulators care about this.

Sherlock Holmes

awesome movie. I enjoyed every scene of it. quite a few movies could reach the full marks and this remarkably is one of them I rate it 10/10.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Roger vivier

Penn station, 8th ave

Attention taxi driver(s)

Cabsense not making much sense

Cabsense is a new app for smart phones based on TLC GPS data for you to see where you can get a vacant taxi. I dont think so its real time and will definately take some time and its always faster to find a taxi while your eyes on the surrounding rather than on phone. as we do see girls with one hand in mid air and eyes glued to the cell phone. as you will take your time to find where you could find most yellow cabs some one else will definately beat you to grab the vacant taxi you just saw becoming available on your cell phone.
I am really not sure how this technology is working. at first I thought that its working with the gps noting dropping off and showing that cab is available but today I was at laguardia airport and tried to see how many cabs it would show but to my surprise it showed none.

there is a better way if you are really that desperate to find a cab. in downtown and midtown if you cant find a cab then this app really wont help you much as at a busy time its a lot of ppls vs a very little number of cabs comparatively but if you are in uptown try to walk to the ave going down even if you wana go to uptown as there is a much much better chance to find one. avoid 5th ave. go to neighboring aves for a cab. west side highway is not a very idea place so walking to an inner block should improve your chances.
nothing against the app download it here for iphone and here for android & good luck.

Ninja Assasin

I dont know why but I kinda like this movie. may be because we were a generation when ninjas were famous among us. I rate it 8/10.

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