Friday, April 2, 2010

Cabsense not making much sense

Cabsense is a new app for smart phones based on TLC GPS data for you to see where you can get a vacant taxi. I dont think so its real time and will definately take some time and its always faster to find a taxi while your eyes on the surrounding rather than on phone. as we do see girls with one hand in mid air and eyes glued to the cell phone. as you will take your time to find where you could find most yellow cabs some one else will definately beat you to grab the vacant taxi you just saw becoming available on your cell phone.
I am really not sure how this technology is working. at first I thought that its working with the gps noting dropping off and showing that cab is available but today I was at laguardia airport and tried to see how many cabs it would show but to my surprise it showed none.

there is a better way if you are really that desperate to find a cab. in downtown and midtown if you cant find a cab then this app really wont help you much as at a busy time its a lot of ppls vs a very little number of cabs comparatively but if you are in uptown try to walk to the ave going down even if you wana go to uptown as there is a much much better chance to find one. avoid 5th ave. go to neighboring aves for a cab. west side highway is not a very idea place so walking to an inner block should improve your chances.
nothing against the app download it here for iphone and here for android & good luck.

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