Monday, May 31, 2010

From a Cabbie' Shutter

57th Street & lex Ave NW Corner

Whenever I go to woodhaven Blvd/ Cross bay blvd this place makes me wonder oh who is there? every single time no matter what.
actually its just a statue.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am gona sue you!

I was taking a tea break at the taxi stop on 28th street & lexington ave when another cabbie pulled right beside me, he asked if I was leaving. I told him since he needed the spot badly coz he pulled over and asked me I would be happy to leave and park on the firehydrent as I am sitting in my car. He said no but then started telling/asking me about something.
just right then an african american stopped by my side and asked him "will you take me to china town bus station?"
since I was parked and the other guy was looking for parking he asked me, " you wana take this job its a good one."
african american spoke up and said, "look tell me who is gona take me because I am gona sue your ass."
the other cab driver was shocked for a moment and said, " what?"
african american. " dont act like you dont speak english, you just talked to me in english. I am a taxi driver in philadelphia I know what you are pulling. now tell me who is it taking me to the station you or him. or I am gona write down your number and sue one of you"
now he pointed at me and I dont do wrong and dont take wrong. I rolled down my window and asked him whats your problem? before he could start pulling crap on me I told him
" this is a taxi parking, I am off duty and parked this guy is looking for parking, none of us can take you he was only asking me if I wanted to finish my break and take him & I was confirming the address where in china town this bus station is. so if you wana sue mention them that taxi driver was having a tea & was sitting on a taxi stand.
he said." I am a taxi driver in philadelphia ...."
me, " this is new york city welcome to new york city."
him. " I know what shit you pull here I am a taxi driver"
me. " and I know what you are trying to pull wana sue go sue." & I showed him the taxi parking sign too
him, " I know what you are trying to pull, you gota serve first come first serve on line"
me," you are not on a line its a parking stand & we are taking a break, you know a break?"
him, " I know you trying to be smart."
me, " no you are trying to be over smart, but dont."
him. " i m gona sue you son of a b****"
me, "you son of a b***** mother f****".

The Tooth Fairy

it really is an awesome movie. after a long time I enjoyed light comedy and some of the dialogues really made me LMAO. I rate this movie 8/10.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Switching to Andriod

well I lost mine iPhone. I was running late as always so was in a hurry when I accidently dropped it. it has a white screen now. I went to apple but they didnt change it for me as the warranty was a limited one year one so it was 195 days long gone. honestly I am quite happy with apple' warranty they replaced my iPhone twice and they were willing to even now but for a cost which I didnt want to pay coz its only a matter of 2 weeks apple announces the iPhone for this year and most probably late june early july we will have the new iPhone so why pay $216 dollars now while I could buy another one in a month. and I blv iphone 3g is nothing with compare to what apple has in its sleeves for this year.
I just got a my touch 3g which is from HTC I blv and runs on andriod. andriod is a google owned mobile operating system and I had been wanting one for quite some time now. I almost ordered samsung behold 2 but for some reason it never got shipped to me and I never bothered to reorder. but then came HTC Evo which I really want to buy but it went with sprint which runs on CDMA and I want one with GSM so I can use them with prepaid sims once I get a new phone.
so far andriod is different much different I may add. iphone was so simple this is just like a real operating system I am taking my time to familiarize myself with the new toy but to be honest I dont like pushing the home back and menu keys all the time. I even was thinking that apple should get rid of the menu/home button from its device and make it a full touch screen device.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day Breakers

A new concept but story was kinda in the middle. an outbreak and the aftermath. dont show how it happened but some guy was very thoughtful creating the end. 6/10 if you ask me.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I Owe You 50 Cents?

this guy hailed me at 86 street best buy store. told me he wanted to go to 10 E38. on the way they blew AC at full. after the ride the total was $14.40 the one who piad me said I need the reciept & Can I Owe you 50 cents? & he was serious :d I couldnt blv for a while rather to give me tip he wanted to take something out of me.
2 other passenger demanded reciepts because the price they were seeing on the meter and what I was telling them had a difference of $1.50 Now and of course both of them didnt pay me any tip as they do believe every single world ny post had been publishing about cabbies.
lastly if you had read this post and watched the video I saw the over-smart door man of the video. he was on 41 st side of hilton. between 7th ave & 8th ave

Citi Bank in Long Island City

Lincoln Center 3 Sided Clock

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I think it would be a complete waste of money to watch this movie. I rate it 2/10.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Abusive Indian Guys

I can easily tell anyone from that region as I am from that region. so I can easily distinguish different ppls from my part of the world. Last night I was taking the usual tea/dinner break at my usual place at 28th street and Lexington ave. I overheard a very young indian guy scolding his wife.
"even after our marriage you had an affair, did you look at your self you were laughing when you saw him."
now its a very serious and I mean very serious accusation in our culture. this end up in all kind of terrible voilence. marriages last long for ever and divorce is considered the worst and a divorced woman is nothing more than a slut in indian culture. so even though I was thinking if you cant trust each other whats the point in living up together even after such accusation but I could understand her situation.
today I had an indian couple. they were young but not as young as last night one. the sat for a while until I heard a noise of being slapped. it was the guy, I m not sure wether he slapped her on the face or had hit her on her body but he did it. woman said," behave your self." in very angry and humiliating voice coz she knew I am from her region and what does it mean if you are being hit by your husband. in indian culture. Its okay to hit your wife and most of the time ppls even though knowing its wrong tell the woman to just let it go and live with it. such abusive behavior is kind of common but very insulting so she couldnt say anything out of the fear of being humiliated even more in front of me.
Now had he had hit her one more time I was going to pull over and tell the cop but he didnt becoz he saw me starring at him through the mirror. if you ask me why I didnt tell him to knock it off at the first. well that would have only made the life a little worse for the woman. the guy obviously would have listened to me no matter what coz we are not in india but he would have given a hell of a hard time or beating to his wife once at home that she humiliated him by a cabbie. I actually had a hard time to control the  urge not to pull over and tell the cop driving just beside me on 42nd, he was lucky he didnt hit her twice or today wasnt going to be a pleasent day for him.
if in a cab in general or in my cab particular. never hit any one or you will be explaining to a cop.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Indian Girl

Today was a busy day. I took someone to laguardia airport. went down to main terminal and took this indian girl. she told me she wanted to go to 18th street and ave c. I took her there. once there the fare was $31. she gave me 28 not acknowledging the extras. I told her that the fare is thirty one dollars. she said ok I give you two 20s and you give me back change. "take one dollar for you", said she
I gave her $18. after that I went out and off loaded her luggage. she was still sitting inside. that made the bell ring. I thought there is something wrong. she came out thanked me and walked away. I drove off to 14 st to find another fare but was still thinking about her. there was something telling me something went wrong. I found a guy hailing a cab at 1st ave & told me his destination. as soon as I was on the intersection of 2nd ave and 14th st I knew what went wrong. I had to give her $8 but had made a foolish mistake and gave her $18 she knew but she decided to cheat. I wasnt shocked that I lost $10 but a trust for peoples from my origin. so yeah she was one of the cheapest passenger I ever had.
on a side note when nypost will shift focus from foul cabbies to foul passengers?

Sunday, May 9, 2010


If you have followed my buzz from here I had 3 incidents.

One: A guy was confuse how to get a cab at port authority. it was around 5pm. I knew by his acts that he needs a taxi but doesnt know how to get in. for such peoples I just park in front of them and wave them to hop in. so I did the same to him and he hopped in. now he told me his destination.
Him: cheee-na-too
Me: chenato?
Him: Yes
Me: what?
Him: cheee-na-too
Me: here write me your address on this paper.
He ignored my paper and took out a visiting card. it was all written in chinese but address was of chinatown. Now I felt stupid for not making 2+2=4. until I had this 3rd incident this week but before that read on for the 2nd incident.

Second: I picked up a passenger from 9th ave and he wanted to go down to 29st & 10th Ave. I went down 9th and when I was at 39st. A Chinese guy on a local delivery truck stopped by me and asked me;
Him: Chinatown?
Me: ?
Him: how to go china town?
Me: Go down make a left on 14th and right on 3rd until you see chinese.
Him: 4 blocks?
Me: No go to 14st ....
Him: how many blocks?
Me: 25 but you need to go to 14st to 3rd .... and our light turned green and we had to move.

Third: Three days ago. I had the worst day of cab driving day. My partner was off. so I took out the car early around 1pm and went to JFK. I got a fare to city and was happy until 4:11pm. 2 guys jumped in and wanted to go to Laguardia Airport. after dropping them off to Marine Air Terminal I went to Delta lot and got a fare. A chinese guy.
He Said: Chinatown.
Me: Chinatown?
Him: Yes
Me: Manhattan
Him: Yes
Me: Chinatown, manhattan
Him: Yes
Once I drove off and was close to US Gate. He said Main Street. Now for a split second I wanted to bang my head. I had no knowledge of main st in manhattan so it was flushing queens and I lost my short trip. Now we had another funny conversation.
Me: China Town manhattan or queens?
Him: Yes
Me: Flushing?
Him: Yes
Me: Manhattan
Him: Yes ming st
Me: ming or main?
Him: yes
Me: ok here write me your address on this paper.
he just like the first guy ignored the paper and started dialing a number on his phone. talked to someone and gave me the phone. It was his wife with much better english skills but very unfortunately Her accent was hard to understand.
Me: Hi is he going to queens or manhattan?
She: queens.
Me: ok can you give me your address?
She: 142-20 main st
now this address wasnt foundable by my gps. I asked her give me an intersection and he can guide me from there.
She: Flushing and main st.
Me: no they are not cross streets. give me cross street. but she kept repeating that. now I turned back and asked the guy give me your ID Card and it will be of great help
Him: no ID
Me: you dont have an ID Card?
Him: No ID
now I asked the woman on phone ma'am is there any body else possibly your child who can speak english? but there were none. now I had all my options ran off and I was thinking to go back to dispatcher when she heard me finally and said ok you want address? I said Yes
She gave me 42-xx union st. rest was a smooth ride to his home with me regretting I lost my short trip ticket plus had to wait another hour in lga for next fare and hence was able to go back to city by 8:30pm

Thursday, May 6, 2010

US Taxi holding lot, Laguardia Airport


This pigeon came to visit me :d alas soon she had to fly cause of a
shorty holder.

Center st & Broom st

What is this building on center st & broom st? It had strange numbers
MSXMIII something like that

Queens' China Town

Laguardia cop

This cop Stopped the guy for using the authorized vehicles only ramp n
hence blocked us all behind.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Brighton Beach, 25 Bucks?

I took this old woman from JFK. she wanted to go to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. She requested to sit in front with me. on our way we talked a little. there is some construction going on on Belt Parkway so she was kinda upset that we were stuck in traffic. once meter had hit 27 she said she has only $30 or else I will have to take her to bank.
after a while we were out of traffic but still had good 5 miles ahead as soon as I took the exit for ocean parkway meter was reading $40.50 + $1.50 she said can you please turn off the meter here so I dont have to go to bank. it was a bit depressing but I didnt want her to trouble. so I turned off the meter. Now against her statement she managed to produce $42.
she said "cab company only charge me $25 I dont know why yellow cab is so high."
now would you believe that? I used to live on ocean parkway and ave x. I got a cab for family on january 6th 2010 and they charged me $60. I will write another very interesting story about me vs a passenger in TLC Court. so this one will make a lot more sense.

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