Friday, April 30, 2010

NYPD Bikers

These two guys had parked thier bikes on the left turning lanes hence
making it a traffic jam


NYC taxi photo said...

This is seriously what gives cops a bad name, the entitlement they feel. so many times, traffic james are due to police parked in the absolute worst place. I understand if it's to do crowd control, or if it's to maintain safety around an accident, but if it's just convenient for them to park there it makes it inconvenient for everyone else and adds to the chaos of the city.

Unknown said...

well cops r different. here is another incident I had last year

with cops I blv that dialogue from a movie that said "a lot of ppls respect the badge but every body respect the gun" and here in nyc you get to have a gun if u r a cop so a lot of bad ppls go into police.

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