Sunday, February 26, 2012

David Robenstein Atrium

David Robenstein Atrium at Lincoln center

Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Hanover sq

Hunter College of Health Science Center

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ok I found someone dumb(er) than me he is parked at an intersection n two cross walks at west broadway & reade st

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am a True American

 Today I am very proud to be a Naturalized American Citizen, a part of my american dream came true. struggling for the rest, nyc cab driver

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is he your friend?

I hate saturday nights. while every cab driver is looking forward to this night I hate it. lots of drunk and yellow cabs tend to break down a lot on this night. anyways. this saturday was hillarious
It was around 11pm and I was already exhausted and was actually looking forward for some nice trip to be done with my shift. A couple I took from 6th ave & bleecker and they were going to 77 & madison. guy was a little drunk. he paid me on credit card but at the end there came an error message on the screen but his card was charged & I was pissed at $0 tip. I thought to my self it must be becoz I stopped his wife from smoking in the cab. but he didnt kno what had happend and handed me a $20. told me he would like 5 dollars in change. Now I knew he was drunk and thought to my self may be he is not tipping me $15 he is thinking to pay me so I asked him you need change? he said,"well the bill is 15 with tip so give me 5 back". I told him no you already paid me with the card. "no I didnt" he insisted, "ur machine gave an error" and went on to actually read aloud the error message. I assured him that his card is charged so I cant take his money. his wife was gone and he kept talking and I had to reassure him that his card was charged so I cant charge him twice for the same ride. on his way rather thankew he asked me "i didnt leave u a tip? did i?" I said, "no you didnt"
him,"well then you need to fix your stupid machine so ppls can tip you, u know?"
me in my head yeah yeah u r too drunk just get home safely n leave me to get another drunk.
on his way out there came another drunk couple, he greeted them "hi"
now the drunk couple got in and started arguing
man,"who was he? a friend of yours?"
woman,"I dont kno"
man,"why did he say hello?"
woman,"he said hello to both of us"
man,"should we have stopped fro him?"
woman,"i said I dont kno him"
man,"so he is your friend?
woman,"he said hello to both of us"
I was pissed at the first drunk guy but on this I was trying hard not to laugh out loudly.

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