Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sapphire Strip Club

I was stopped at a red light on park ave when a guy approaced me. when ppls try to come to my window I tell them to hop in I dont chose n pick, I take where ever they want but he wanted to say somethin so I rolled down my window. He started speaking abt sapphire club and how they are paying 10 dollars cash on the spot if you take a passenger to them and he gave me 4 entry passes with a free drink each.
I know some ppls told me that gentleman club used to give 5 dollars if you take a passenger to them. so this was not new.
so folks you know it now. if you have a desperate passenger take them to saphire club and get 10 dollar cash. thats a good tip yeah? i think its location made them do it. its on 60th street between 1st ave & 2nd ave.
i do pick up some folks but they are never during summer, they were all in winter and they wanted to go to a club, I didnt kno so I asked and took them to marytime on 17th & 9th ave. later on I found out the whole west village is kind of like that. east village to me is more like eat out and have fun kind of place for me.
I am not going to use those passes, so anyone in need hop on in. :d

The Losers (Movie)

movie remindes you of classic The A Team & ocean eleven style. it was a good time pass. I rate it 7/10.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inception Movie

This past monday I went to see the movie inception with a friend of mine. yes I took a day off. this movie is not your usual fighting action movie. its a thriller with you on the edge of the seat to calculate whats gona happen next. the sound was too hight at amc theater so this could be the first and last time I went to a theater. it felt a little more coz we had to wait 2 hours for the movie in rain so it was really exhausting.
movie was good. i rate it 8/10.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I don't kno what it is but seems art to me :d

Cops breaking law

These two cops car wanted to chit chat hence the doubled park n made
life difficult for all of us. A very common scene in NYC


This cross was made of tape by a body shop worker in his shop.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Invade of German & Brown Roaches

In newyork where ever I go I find either roaches or mice. I hate both. in my current apartement they are alot I think hunderds of them reside in. reason? well my room mate never bothered to take care of them but when I moved in I took them seriously cause they are nasty and they make you sick.
just last summer I used raid max black & it worked pretty fine. it kept killing them or at least I couldnt see them for a while. Now for this apartment I couldnt find the same product at walgreens.
so I bought raid max bug barrier which claims to keep killing german roaches for upto 12 months but either thats a fals claim or all left in my apartment are browns roaches.
after using the first bottle I saw a dramatic decline of roaches. but after 48 hours there were a few but they were the big ones or tiny ones seem like just hatched.
so i bought 2 more bottles and sprayed thoroughly but that only helped with on contact, later on you could see the queens/mothers the big ones venturing around. so I went and bought 2 boxes of old time moth balls. I placed them in my room and they seemed to work a little as I didnt see any afterwards. but still there are some.
so after deciding that enough toxic pestisides in home I should look for a natural way. being from sub continent I know there are a lot of natural stuff out there freely avaialabe to use to repell pests rather spend on harmfull pestisides. for example a tree called نیم "neem" is very good for termites and book worms.
anyway so I found this and I am going to give it a try.
first is boric acid which is suppose to kill them all as its toxic to roaches.
second is the mixture of baking powder & sugar with a nearby source of water which is going to create a gas trouble for the roach and eventually will kill 'em.
any other ideas or tips are welcome.
I will write an update about whether these method worked or not.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Arrest at JFK

Cabbies are not suppose to pickup any one out of a terminal without having a dispatch ticket which means they have to go through the holding lot to get one. three days ago I was dropping an indian guy at lga airpot when a white male approaced me with luggage. I told him to go downstair but he said yes I kno but can you take me? I said no. so he went downstair. we were having slow days and my friends thought I made a mistake not taking him.
Now seems this guy tried to take someone out of terminal 4 at jfk and guess what he or she was an undercover and so he was arressted. once I got my passenger I saw him in a police cruiser being escorted to lockup. this guy was indian & sikh. he had his own madellion and if not he had his own car which means in a slow time u dont have to go through this trouble.

Pier 88

Pier 88 was lit bright at the night I took this pic didnt know the ginat vessel ankered there.

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