Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Indian Girl

Today was a busy day. I took someone to laguardia airport. went down to main terminal and took this indian girl. she told me she wanted to go to 18th street and ave c. I took her there. once there the fare was $31. she gave me 28 not acknowledging the extras. I told her that the fare is thirty one dollars. she said ok I give you two 20s and you give me back change. "take one dollar for you", said she
I gave her $18. after that I went out and off loaded her luggage. she was still sitting inside. that made the bell ring. I thought there is something wrong. she came out thanked me and walked away. I drove off to 14 st to find another fare but was still thinking about her. there was something telling me something went wrong. I found a guy hailing a cab at 1st ave & told me his destination. as soon as I was on the intersection of 2nd ave and 14th st I knew what went wrong. I had to give her $8 but had made a foolish mistake and gave her $18 she knew but she decided to cheat. I wasnt shocked that I lost $10 but a trust for peoples from my origin. so yeah she was one of the cheapest passenger I ever had.
on a side note when nypost will shift focus from foul cabbies to foul passengers?


NYC taxi photo said...

hmm sounds like one of those foolish NYU students, they haven't molded themselves into proper adults yet.

Unknown said...

may be. but I was disappointed. very much indeed

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