Monday, May 17, 2010

Abusive Indian Guys

I can easily tell anyone from that region as I am from that region. so I can easily distinguish different ppls from my part of the world. Last night I was taking the usual tea/dinner break at my usual place at 28th street and Lexington ave. I overheard a very young indian guy scolding his wife.
"even after our marriage you had an affair, did you look at your self you were laughing when you saw him."
now its a very serious and I mean very serious accusation in our culture. this end up in all kind of terrible voilence. marriages last long for ever and divorce is considered the worst and a divorced woman is nothing more than a slut in indian culture. so even though I was thinking if you cant trust each other whats the point in living up together even after such accusation but I could understand her situation.
today I had an indian couple. they were young but not as young as last night one. the sat for a while until I heard a noise of being slapped. it was the guy, I m not sure wether he slapped her on the face or had hit her on her body but he did it. woman said," behave your self." in very angry and humiliating voice coz she knew I am from her region and what does it mean if you are being hit by your husband. in indian culture. Its okay to hit your wife and most of the time ppls even though knowing its wrong tell the woman to just let it go and live with it. such abusive behavior is kind of common but very insulting so she couldnt say anything out of the fear of being humiliated even more in front of me.
Now had he had hit her one more time I was going to pull over and tell the cop but he didnt becoz he saw me starring at him through the mirror. if you ask me why I didnt tell him to knock it off at the first. well that would have only made the life a little worse for the woman. the guy obviously would have listened to me no matter what coz we are not in india but he would have given a hell of a hard time or beating to his wife once at home that she humiliated him by a cabbie. I actually had a hard time to control the  urge not to pull over and tell the cop driving just beside me on 42nd, he was lucky he didnt hit her twice or today wasnt going to be a pleasent day for him.
if in a cab in general or in my cab particular. never hit any one or you will be explaining to a cop.


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

i don't tolerate abuse in my cab either, especially men toward women. i don't care what culture it is.

Unknown said...

good thing u do but if u ever happen to kno any one from india he would tell u that to some extent I didnt add up to the abuse she was facing.

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