Monday, November 22, 2010

The Smurfs

The smurfs on 34th st, manhattan

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Radio City Music Hall

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guess Me!

I took a couple they wanted me to drop them off at a good desi food restaurant. I asked them if they were Indian or Pakistani, it was just a question to decide where to drop them coz Indians restaurant use mild or no spice while we like it hot but the guy said one of us is from Pakistan and one of us is from India so you guess who is from where?
I told him I will tell him by the end of the ride, I thougt that clearly they will give me hint coz there is a slight difference in speaking Urdu/Hindi but they both talked more like Urdu speaking so It was hard to guess.
Once I reached their destination he used his credit card and gave me 4 dollars in tip and I yelled you sir are from Pakistan. He was amazed, admitted he was from Karachi, Pakistan and asked how did I guess? I told him coz had he had been Indian he never would had given me 4 dollars in tip, they don't even tip that much to airports even when their company is paying for them.
We laughed on this and off they went to their hot n spicy food

Ps: btw this post was composed on an iPad.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Toy Story 3

toy story really had impressed me when I saw and since it was from 95 it was impressive how brialliant work they did. no doubt they have done it again with toy story 3 we have another fun time. I really enjoyed it and didnt miss a scene. will rate it 9/10.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Queens "Bra" Bridge

I was dropping a passenger on 6th ave when an indian guy opened my door. handed me his cellphone and said. do you know this address? it was either a garmin phone or a droid phone but I think hearing it giving instruciton it was a garmin phone.
screen had directions for 72-33 37th ave queens.
I said, " yeah if this is the address I can take you there".
he said you know "kabab king" ? I
I asked, "in jackson heights?"
he answered, "in queens."
me, "yeah there is one in jackson heights I can take you there."
they hopped in.
since we were in 50's so I started going towards 59street bridge. as soon as I was on central park south he took out his cell phone and said out loudly "my phone is showing me directions"
I kept driving and once crossing madison he turned the volume all the way up and I heard his phone giving instruction "go straight 0.x miles" once we were in between 2nd and 3rd ave phone said, " go straight and keep left towards queens "bra" bridge." It was hard to control my laughter but I managed somehow while the poor guy turned off his phone. now I was on the bridge and asked me, "do you know the way?" I assured him I am well aware of where he was going. dropped him off there and bought myself a nice chicken over rice platter.

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