Friday, August 27, 2010

Number Plate

Can't see the number plate of this penske truck, well hidden

NYPD horses

Best to control ppls but City is always out of money so why not charge ppls to take snaps

World trade center

The world trade center building quite viewable

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rogue policeman?

This policeman is probably scolding this cabbie for what? He honked a little, you kno why coz this policeman was literally going at 5mph n so was the Nj guy going slow coz of the policeman, light was going to turn so cabbie honked a little n went infront of the Nj guy when this policeman thought of it as an personal insult n with a heavy foot on gas he went to cabbie honked twice to get the attention of cab driver told him to roll down his window n I took the pic later on when the light turned n I had the chance to get close I saw the male driver showing around to his female co worker. Still at 5mph. His plate said 4481. NYC police loses respect coz of such officers

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Global Buckets

two teenage brothers, one summer and the whole globe' hunger. yes these two brothers want to make it possible for the whole world to grow crops or food with little skills and work. very impressive. just a note of appreciation to these 2 find kids. nice work guys hat off to you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to get free iphone case for antena fix

I bought mine iphon 4 just a couple of days ago and honestly I didnt see the death grip issue here in nyc or may be I didnt do it right coz I just checked it once and since I was in basement so I already had less bars. but still I ordered mine case just in case here is how you can do it too.
download the case program app
select the case you would like
( liked smoke case and ordered it)
have it ship free of cost in a month :d yes coz thats what the email told me after I ordered it said case will be shipped by 14th of september. on a side note I really liked the new and improved camera.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Windows 7 cant run exe

I have windows 7 beta so it would give you a hint that I love to try out beta softwares. I plan to delete and install my original windows vista but my system refuse to boot from cd. in the mean while I installed firefox 4 beta 3 and things went real bad. no exe will run after a while or may be after you launch firefox. well avoiding might help you too.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Stay Here

Today was no different. taxi dispatchers were wasting our time on terminals and finally moved us to terminal 4. I saw a guy in between passengers. you know the line where passenger line up to get into a cab? well he asked 2 ladies about manhattan and I thought to my self oh another poor fellow want to share a cab. but then he moved on to the next one and I was boiling. he was asking every body any one manhattan? now this should be ban. that man was stealling our bread and butter may be he was with nyas bus or watever bus he was from but this is way too much. I yelled at him hey excuseme what are you doing but apparently he couldnt hear me. I came out of my car to talk to him but luckily for him dispatcher told me to go upfront and take the passenger. It was a spanish family going to upper west side. 150s and broadway. and as soon as they got in the car they tried to give me $50 buck and I sighed :( well you know why no tip? if you dont kno atleast 9 dollar tip is appreciated to and from jfk. you make the day if its $11.25 or more. :d
but the girl made my day was another spanish girl. now if you have driven in the city a little you would have noticed spanish girls even though having little know how of english language love to party. they want to hang out so was the case with these 2 spanish girls and a guy. they wanted to go to times square. I took them but it was heavy traffic going west bound on 42nd street. after a while we were at the light of 42nd & 6th when she said to me, "we stay here." lol I wanted to laugh but didnt want to embarras her so I asked you mean you want me to drop you off here? she said, "we stay here." now I was struggling with laughter and said I am sorry I didnt understand. she said " we get off here." & waved like going out of the car. some ppls are soo innocent.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Date Night (movie)

steve carrel tina fay flick date night is not that awsome. even psych beats it up some times. I didnt enjoy it much it was more like light suspense. anyway lets rate it 6/10.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nokia X6

while we are crazy about iphones and android devices. nokia had something in its sleeves. I actually liked nokia long before coming to US. after using iphone I dont like other devices much and has recently ordered my iphone 4. dell streak device is finally out but I saw it and asked seriously? i mean you have android 2.2 froyo and you are sticking your device with android 1.6 and want it to compete with iphone 4 & ipad? honestly I thought not to buy an ipad as it would be just a prototype but saw it with one of my passenger and boy I was impressed. but still I am stikcing with my decesion to buy the next one. in the mean time do check out this nokia x6 phone. I liked it and thinking to get one.

After Life (movie)

after life movie is a fiction horror movie about a funeral home whose incharge some how manage to get alive humans and assure them they are dead and once they agree he buries them alive. I liked it but not that much so only rating it 7/10. oh yeah there are brief scenes of nudity so watch out for kids.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Civilization Revolution iPhone game free

Civilization Revolution iPhone app/game a product by 2k games is free
rite now for a limited time, download n enjoy if you love strategy
games. I do so I am downloading it. It's a hefty 81mb file so you need
an Internet wifi connection to download onto your iPhone.

How To Fix Iphone 3g/3gs MMS issue after jailbreaking

I found this here and it really works

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shower of Antifreeze

Last monday when I was at oil change mechanic had to put a whole gallon of anti freeze into the radiator. I asked him is it leaking? he said no its been hot so it vaporated. but no it wasnt the case. it was indeed leaking, yesterday I around 3:15 I picked up some body from 57 street going to Kenedy Airport. after driving a block I noticed ac wasnt cooling. I turned it off and turned back on but it was same. I quickly glanced over the heat sign and it was on hot. I quickly parked my car rite there on 57th street and told my passenger they needed another cab.
I cracked the radiator cap a little to fasten up the cool down process. After a few more minutes I made the ultimate mistake. I knew never to open the cap but I thought after a few minutes its ok to loosen the cap a little more when with a bang the cap flew to the middle of the road and anti freeze cam showerin up and then down all over the engine. I was saved by the grace of the god be mere a second. luckly the anti freeze didnt touch any part of my body.
later on mechanic told me that he had seen severe burns on different drivers who did the mistake as mine. my room mate told me that never to open the cap if engine is not running. always start the car and then remove the cap.
so waited there. called a friend and asked him to bring me some water & anti freeze so I dont have to tow my car and can just drive it to the mechanic. finally after 40 minutes I was able to start and take it to the mechanic. He told me that the fan had also stopped working so they put a new fan and fix the leak. since I had blown away the radiator cap & mechanic didnt have any so I went to buy one.
I later had one more over heat car coz of the broken cap. I cooled my car down again to fill it again with coolant and replaced the cap. every since Its working fine and yeah ac was supertb so I learned that always keep an eye on the coolant in radiator.
well the good thing happened it did wash away all the dust off under my hood.

Our Family Wedding (Movie)

one of the best movies of my life time. made me laugh all the way to the end. honestly I havent seen a flick like this which was real comedy. I loved it. if you want a real comedy movie do watch it. i rate it 9.5/10. highly recommended.

Monday, August 2, 2010

"I am a bitch", said a jfk taxi dispatcher.

this past week was worst week ever, no not in term of finances but every day some body did something to make me upset and while it wasnt my fault.
an african american dude took me to brooklyn all the way near queens on atlantic ave. when we were there meter read 21 dollars. he gave me 21 and said usually its $17 so I was going to give u $4 tip here its 21. n I was yeah whatever.
today a british acsent girl took me to brooklyn her fare was $36.30 she knew the local ways well so she wasnt new she gave me two twentty dollar bills and when I didnt hear the door opening noise. I looked back she had her hand stretched. when I was counting she said $4 is fine. I said you mean $3? she said oh yeah 3.
enough bitching about passengers. some time I cant decied I am cheap for crying about tips or the passenger was not paying me? though I noticed now more and more of jfk passengers are giving only $5 tip seems economy really is having another down time.
when you come up bowery going up north at coper sq you have two lanes going up north towards 3rd ave and 2 lanes going towards 4th ave. I was on the middle lane waiting the signal to turn green to go to 4th ave. when a 60+ guy in his old car yelled passing by me to stay in your f*** lane. apparently he had lived all his life in nyc and didnt know there were two lanes.
now down to the number one bitch dispatcher viett (at least she yelled/spelled for us at terminal) this bitch said and i quote " i am the bitch they love"
I got a ticket to terminal 7 after wasting our time there they sent us to terminal 5. when I reached it. I saw two african americans by an indian driver and dispatcher telling something to driver. when I came there he quickely sent them to me. lady came and said. "you know days inn brooklyn?"
I said you have the address? thats my usuall question becoz lot of peoples do have the address but they think taxi drivers know each and every property of nyc.
she said "take me to any motel."
I said,"i kno sheraton hotel."
dispatcher came and said," man take them to days inn brooklyn."
I said," give me the address out of your paper/book."
dispatcher said," man you should know that days inn or get out of the line no passenger."
I asked," why the driver in front of me is not out of line?"
he said,"yeah he is out."
I got out of my car and told him,"either go and give me the address out of your book or let me talk to your superviser."
now this male dispatcher backed off a little coz he was just acting smart and knew we are not suppose to know the addresses our selves.
this female dispatcher came and said "another one? another one? another one." then she went hysterical and said "no passenger go to cth they are not coming here go to cth"
i tried to talke to her but she said " i am the bitch they love"
now the indian driver pulled out coz he saw me going towards my car while all I was going to do was to park right beside him to block cabbies behind me so no one goes through until TLC or who ever comes to take care of this woman & us. sadly he pulled out but the female dispatcher still going on loudly " i am the bitch you gotta learn the math" n i was like what math? while all the passenger looked at her amazingly.
long story short I had to go to cth told them they printed me another ticket went back to that bitch. and got mine passenger. that woman really did wasted 39 minutes of my time. later on I felt so much bad not taking out my camera and making a video of her and taking her to TLC court. but cth did say that if you have a complaint there is a building to go and report it
I am not sure abt the other guy but yeah I do on my camera now as soon as I reach the terminal/dispatcher. cor I aint taking this nonsense.

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