Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Stay Here

Today was no different. taxi dispatchers were wasting our time on terminals and finally moved us to terminal 4. I saw a guy in between passengers. you know the line where passenger line up to get into a cab? well he asked 2 ladies about manhattan and I thought to my self oh another poor fellow want to share a cab. but then he moved on to the next one and I was boiling. he was asking every body any one manhattan? now this should be ban. that man was stealling our bread and butter may be he was with nyas bus or watever bus he was from but this is way too much. I yelled at him hey excuseme what are you doing but apparently he couldnt hear me. I came out of my car to talk to him but luckily for him dispatcher told me to go upfront and take the passenger. It was a spanish family going to upper west side. 150s and broadway. and as soon as they got in the car they tried to give me $50 buck and I sighed :( well you know why no tip? if you dont kno atleast 9 dollar tip is appreciated to and from jfk. you make the day if its $11.25 or more. :d
but the girl made my day was another spanish girl. now if you have driven in the city a little you would have noticed spanish girls even though having little know how of english language love to party. they want to hang out so was the case with these 2 spanish girls and a guy. they wanted to go to times square. I took them but it was heavy traffic going west bound on 42nd street. after a while we were at the light of 42nd & 6th when she said to me, "we stay here." lol I wanted to laugh but didnt want to embarras her so I asked you mean you want me to drop you off here? she said, "we stay here." now I was struggling with laughter and said I am sorry I didnt understand. she said " we get off here." & waved like going out of the car. some ppls are soo innocent.

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