Saturday, August 14, 2010

Date Night (movie)

steve carrel tina fay flick date night is not that awsome. even psych beats it up some times. I didnt enjoy it much it was more like light suspense. anyway lets rate it 6/10.


NYC taxi photo said...

9 dollars eh? that's a damn good tip. I wouldn't give 9 dollars, especially not when I'm taking a cab to jfk for 50 bucks. I expect 4 dollars or 5, I'm soo happy when i get 10 dollars it's extremely rare. I tip really big for all cab rides i take, 3 dollars for manhattan trips and 4 to 5 dollars to queens, but if i take a cab to jfk I'm tipping 4 dollars, you have to be realistic.

Nyc Cab Driver said...

really? its quite rare when I get $5, or honestly only during summer specially in august. rest of the year I get 9 or 11 or on a few occasions 15. may be its the difference of shift? but I start my shift from JFK and some other times I do go to jfk in the evenings.

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