Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shower of Antifreeze

Last monday when I was at oil change mechanic had to put a whole gallon of anti freeze into the radiator. I asked him is it leaking? he said no its been hot so it vaporated. but no it wasnt the case. it was indeed leaking, yesterday I around 3:15 I picked up some body from 57 street going to Kenedy Airport. after driving a block I noticed ac wasnt cooling. I turned it off and turned back on but it was same. I quickly glanced over the heat sign and it was on hot. I quickly parked my car rite there on 57th street and told my passenger they needed another cab.
I cracked the radiator cap a little to fasten up the cool down process. After a few more minutes I made the ultimate mistake. I knew never to open the cap but I thought after a few minutes its ok to loosen the cap a little more when with a bang the cap flew to the middle of the road and anti freeze cam showerin up and then down all over the engine. I was saved by the grace of the god be mere a second. luckly the anti freeze didnt touch any part of my body.
later on mechanic told me that he had seen severe burns on different drivers who did the mistake as mine. my room mate told me that never to open the cap if engine is not running. always start the car and then remove the cap.
so waited there. called a friend and asked him to bring me some water & anti freeze so I dont have to tow my car and can just drive it to the mechanic. finally after 40 minutes I was able to start and take it to the mechanic. He told me that the fan had also stopped working so they put a new fan and fix the leak. since I had blown away the radiator cap & mechanic didnt have any so I went to buy one.
I later had one more over heat car coz of the broken cap. I cooled my car down again to fill it again with coolant and replaced the cap. every since Its working fine and yeah ac was supertb so I learned that always keep an eye on the coolant in radiator.
well the good thing happened it did wash away all the dust off under my hood.

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