Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who She Was?

I was coming down 5th ave around 6:00 when a door man hailed me. I stopped and he waived inside and a few moments passed a 70+ lady came, handed a letter to the door man and told him,"only hand it to the mail man." the door man asked if he could drop it in the mail box and she said."no I rather give it to a mail man."
once in my cab she sat without saying anything so I greeted her and asked where to go. she replied after a while 185th and Amsterdam ave. I asked her which way she would like to go and she said,"you are the cab driver, Safest and fastest way please, I am already one hour late and I kno its not your fault" I though ok! she wont be a problem like other ppls get pissed of at commuting time traffic. I said yeah some times peoples have preferred route so I always asked she said I dont care what way you go. So I started going towards west side highway & she started making calls to everybody on her list to ask,"did you call? somebody called me and I dont know how it was."
Once I was at west end ave and 72nd street she asked which way you are going? I said up on west side highway to G W Bridge its rite there, rite? she said yes but dont you think so lots of ppls going to new jersey and it will be heavy traffic? you should take braodway or amsterdam ave up? Now I am wondering when I asked you, you should have told me now I am on my way and you are suggesting something? I asked would you like me to go that way now? She said no take this and if we have traffic we will get off.
it was a fast smooth ride we saw only traffic on 181 and that was due to a left turn and a fire engine going to answer a call. she paid me $26.50 while fare was $26.40. that was the most busiest time of our shift and she had no shame. if you have come from my buzz, she was there to attend the board member's meeting. that answers the questions.


NYC taxi photo said...

some people are just out of touch. she'd always have a reason not to tip good, and a good tip for her would be 50 cents.

NYC said...

yeah unfortunately. I once got 50 cent tip from a jewish guy. I will wrtie his tale later on this week.

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