Monday, March 15, 2010

Tree on road

I hardly step foot on gas if I cant see the road. Last night after the hurricane strength winds of 74mph I was going back home and had to go through an unknown road. it was a neighboor hood with houses on both sides. I could see the stop sign but nothing else it gave me a hunch that may be this road is a dead end but why there would be a stop sign? so I looked for a dead end sign but none to be found. as soon as I was closer to 10 feets in that horrible rain, I saw this giant branch which was a size of a full grown tree blocking a 4 lanes road. just imagine it was so huge that I actually had to make a U turn there. now if you didnt believe we are dealing with global warming believe now. 2 storms feburary and march with hurricane strength winds it simply not normal.

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