Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rate 4 Cheating wasnt a cheating afterall

TLC today ate its own words and without any apology said there were less drivers then they originally blamed. but the thing is thanks to TLC' careless behavior and media' efficiency now every other passenger thinks that cabbie's had been crooks for years and cheating them. there is an old saying TLC, "think before you speak" in my view most of the laws ppls have problem with are made by TLC to make the situation worse and TLC is very good at it.
so here is the thing, you have the reciept it does say nassau county rate 4 but still u werent cheated, how is that possible? well the meter has buttons placed very close to each other. and meter is sensitive to time and motion. so when at the destination driver press the rate button accidently then the rate 4 will be on but since you are stopped so meter is not sensing the car is motion so its not charging you, ok what about the time? well meter has 1 minute before it charge u for the time and thats more than enough for the driver to hit stop time and let you see the payment option screen. this way you still get a receipt of nassau county rate 4 but you are never charged nor cheated for that.
most of the cabbies are honest, poor hardworking HUMAN BEINGS, respect them.

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