Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drunk on Monday Night?

Today was so so. it was rainy and monday so it was total disaster. for some reason monday is the slowest day of the week for evening shift. I think it would be the busiest day for the mass transit. I got a fare from 388 greenwich st going to chambers and broadway. after droping her a lady jumped in. she was actually accompanied by her friend and guess what the lady who got in was full drunk and her friend was not very bright either. she was trying to leave her on me. but the thing was she didnt know her address. all she said was, "forest hills"
I kept asking her whats your address? she said 43 and forest hills. now I needed one cross street to make it work but nope she couldnt remember. I was not frustrated but sorry for her. rain + being drunk. means you gona be left on the roads untill you get back into your senses or you will be mugged. I wanted to take her becoz thats my job picking you up n droping you up but I didnt want her friend to leave until I know where I m taking her becoz I didnt want to leave her alone on the roads if she doesnt come up with the address so I had to get out of the car and chase her friend twice to make sure she gets me the address or take care of her friend becoz city is city and anything can happen to a drunk and alone woman.
once she couldnt come up with the address she came out of the car and left me. one thing I dont understand about americans, how come you are friends and dont know each other' home address? you hang out together you know you gona drink and get drunk so you should tell each other' where you leave just in case. or may be americans dont poke around much.

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