Monday, March 29, 2010

I am going to brooklyn is that ok?

last incident my friend said its a good idea to ask the passenger which way to take, well hear what happened today.
This woman waived me on houston st and ave a, "I am going to brooklyn, is that ok?" said she.
I said, "yeah"
she said,"2nd st between 5th and 6th, take the brooklyn bridge."
I made a left onto houston st towards fdr so I can take the brooklyn bridge. a few blocks we were at pitt st and houston when she said," take the upper level please!"
now that rang a bell into my head. I quickly parked the car on side and turned towards her and asked, "you said brooklyn bridge?"
she said, "yes please take the uper level."
I said, " brooklyn bridge has no levels."
she said, "oh well which one is that from bowery?"
I said, "thats manhattan bridge."
she said,"well I take daily from union sq and we go down on bowery to that bridge I am sorry I didnt know thats manhattan bridge."
I asked her "now you want to go back to that bridge or ...."
yeah, she replied.
I completed my sentence ... or you want to go from fdr to brooklyn bridge to atlantic ave to 4th ave?
she said, " I forgot I was already a few blocks east from bowery so ok I trust you."
now as soon we were on fdr it was ok until bridge ramp. for a split second I thought to go down from manhattan bridge/ sout street exit but went against the urge and thought it was just the ramp but it wasnt. as we do we stay left most and make the move at the last time and go in I was thinking to do but a police car with emergency siren and flasher realized me its no good but was too late for me. soon I was at the ramp but it wasnt looking good. I told the passenger I take you from manhattan bridge and you can pay 5 dollars less than the meter amount. at first she said just 5? and then settled down for her but as soon as we were again in traffic towards manhattan bridge she started complaining that I should take 10 dollars off as now every body is going and she is racking money while with not close to her home. now she was taking advantage of my offer. I saw the meter when we were at the exit to manhattan bridge/ sout street it was showing 5.70. meter initialize at 3 how could I let her go with 10?
anyway she wasnt mad at me or tried to take her frustration out on me. she was polite all the way up and was talking to me delightly whenever we had to ask each other anything. so I was thinking to let her have the whole ride for free as an appreciation if she gives me only 5 dollars less than the meter amount, any less than that she wont get a free ride.
you wana guess what happen? well ok at her destination we were at 27 and she gave me a 20 and said I can only give you 20. in my book if you dont hold the deal you dont get it so thats it folks.


Anonymous said...

God I hate you cabbie scum.

NYC taxi photo said...

20 is about right for that ride, though it is a bummer that your time was on the line so your money was too, probably a bad day with less profits. hey sometimes you can't win eh? most people won't make a mix up with the bridges like that, always a good idea to ask them what they'd prefer, you get a good sense of the best routes, I'm sure people who take cabs to brooklyn a lot are used to being in traffic, as it's always a struggled to get to either bridge, they are usually so appreciative to have the ride, there are always the bad apples though, there's always another day and a better outcome right?

Unknown said...

@ nyc taxi photo: yes i learn it the hard way, i think ppls dont get it correctly and they quickly assume cab driver is upto cheatin. but after the incident prior to this I was clear to ask always but she said something while meant something else. anyway by gone be by gone.

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