Saturday, February 27, 2010

So I escaped the Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm Sets Record

So it means I escaped the storm by mere minutes. I was all set to leave around 12 noon on Feb 25th but the guy who had to give me a ride didn't bother to let me go on my own until 3pm after hearing he wouldn't be able to pick me up I asked malik sahab ko drop me off to nearest subway.
I switched to E train which is fastest to my knowledge and stepped out at port authority bus terminal, without wasting any moment, went straight to greyhound bus line' counter and inquired about New York city to Richmond VA he said it will be $63.00 I paid got the ticket and went downstairs to my line. to my surprise and much to my joy there were only 3,4 ppls in front of me. but by 6 it was a long line.
when I had left my home the snow was falling strong and it looked like that bus service would be cancelled at all as the snow was falling pretty hard that I had to check the bus schedule and then take off, I m glad I didnt listen to malik sahab and took my journey as I escaped the snow storm which would have forced me to sit in my room all alone for all this time and now here I m under the bright sun in Virginia enjoying my self.

Soldier Of Love

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Newark Penn station grey hound statiok

925 alling street Newark new jersey

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Box

The box is a story of a test taken by a mysterious disfigured man claimed due to lightining. if u press the button on top of the box concealed in the glass dome you get one million dollar. but the catch is someone somewhere in the world you dont kno is going to die. you press the button the man comes back give you the money and its all yours but with another catch. now he is going to reprogram it and will give it to some one you dont kno. if it rings any bell into you, you gotta c this movie.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Accept or except

This photo is taken on the cashier window of mystic garage at 330
mcguinese blvd Brooklyn look at the spelling of accept

Calvin Klein Houston street advertisement

Why all the CK (Calvin Klein) ads are like this?

The very heart of times square

La incubarora

A pregnant woman' statue but where it's modesty?

American appareal

Why american appereal ads look more like a stripper' than normal

Gadgets That Will Save You Money

Sunday, February 21, 2010

ALDO on 5th ave

Sunday lawn game by donuts game

Bright sun over jfk lot

No this picture wasn't taken at night it's the bright sun making it
look like night

A bright sunny day before all the icy rain come tommorow night

Yes those are seagul of jfk airport

Law Abiding Citizen

law abiding citizen is a movie about a guy how he seen his wife and daughter murdered and how the justice system could not provide him justice enough and made him do his own. it was quite understandable that the lost of beloved one made him do all that stuff he did but there were other innocent ppls just like his beloved one rather to kill the da officials he could have squared with nick but then story wouldnt go on as director wanted would it? anyway a nice movie but have to take some since it was good but not good enough I rate it 8/10.

Laguardia main terminal (b) taxi line

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A tree on queens boulevard

John f Kennedy ibternational airport terminal 1 taxi line

No Tip while it wasnt my fault

I am a new york city cab driver and I testify that its not my fault if city decided to either close a street or two and last but not least that some body car broke down in the middle of the road.

Today I picked up a fare from upper west side. she was wearing a black coat and had a bright red lipstick on with skyblue pul-up woolen cap which little girls wear to cover even then ears too.  1st ave and 4th street, please take west side highway down to 14th street cross over to 2nd ave and down to 4th & 1st. that she said when she got in. I said ok and repeated 4th st and 1st ave rite? she said yes.
I took 79 to west side highway and the ramp to south was closed I showed her becoz she seemed to me little upset and would burst anytime kind of girl with strange matching of colors on her. so I showed her not only the ramp but also the very slow moving traffic up ahead and asked her go to 59th and get back on west side highway or cross 79 to fdr drive. take fdr drive was her reply.
since we were going down from fdr now I asked you want to take houston street exit or 23rd street exit. she said, "houston is probably faster but dont drive too fast on fdr it makes me nervous." I said I wont. then she said off the radio please becoz I dont wana hear about golfer tiger wood its his personal life. I keep the back speakers off because 99% of the ppls get in they are too busy on their fones that I believe radio is just interrupt their conversation and make them speak louder on phone. even though since we cant talk on phone radio is a way for me now to distract my self from " sitting in this cab for 12 hours and ignoring other drivers mistakes on the road fraustration" I do turn the radio off whenever asked.
Once we were on fdr and around 61 street she out of nowhere almost yeld " low down" now I was surprised and told her politely I m going at 40, she relived and said, "may be its that cement thing (reffering to concrete barriers)" I said ok I drive in middle lane and she said, "ok now you can drive a little faster." but I didnt.
once at houston I took 2nd street and there was a guy with his car broke down and on the red light the towing guy was beneath the car to hook it up with chains the light turned green and I stopped by him and she started yelling that she doesnt have to pay for this. honk the horn pls she said. I did but the guy couldnt loose it and it really doesnt make sense for him to come out without finishing his job. please honk again he is not listening to. Now I didnt want to becoz I hardly honk at others. now she was upset and told me that the fair is already over 5 dollars and she doesnt have to sit and pay for it its not fair. I told her that the street was closed so she calmed down a little but kept saying she does it every week and its arnd $19 while it was now $22 now I was getting upset that theses things are not my fault then why do I have to suffer? just because I picked you up? I do understand may be its expensive and you have to work hard to make ends meet but how about being nice as I was? she said she couldnt tip me enough becoz its already over and added only $1 though I hate it when credit card tip doesnt cover the processing fee imposed on us without justice but I definitely would have been more happy if she had been a little nicer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sitting in Delta lot at Laguardia airport

A bit closer linked to previous

Does anybody know what building is this?

It's at riverside and arnd 89 st

2012 The Movie

I watched 2012 the movie and after a long time finally a movie which wouldnt let me do anything else until I finish it first. thought some of the effects were clearly computerized graphics and forcing me to take one for that still it was a great movie loved and will definitely be one of the few which I dont mind watching over n over again. the story is about the most hyped about theory of now a days about what according to nbc or fox I dont remeber but I saw a clip at youtube and the news caster said that nasa confirmed that mayan calender found in south america and the alignment of the planets and stars is going to happend and if we dont see most of the things like poll shifting and other galactic stuff we will see one, meteor shower. rest its a good movie and reminded me of Noah and his Ship.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yellow cabs NYC

Metlife building 200 park ave

Colgate palmolive, 300 park ave

What New York is about?

If you ask me a cab driver what new york is about then its all about money, how? well this city runing so fast so money plays every where you get tickets for parking, speeding tickets, red light camera tickets and last but not least drunk driving or most commonly known as "dwi" driving while intoxicated. y? just so that city can make some money. and since you have to fight those tickets so you have all kind of attorneys and law firms advertising to you to hire a lawyer and he will fight for you and appear in courts and take care of summons.

Talking of attorney and law firms they all covered you if you get injured into virtually any kind of accident and you know y? becoz when they sue on your behalf they get 33% and thats a big number no wonder these lawyer get so rich.

Then being financial hub and I mean globally here you see big banks, corporate firms talking about millions and millions and in the same time every body is in huge credit card debts or under mortgages they cant afford anymore so you hear advertising all the time about how to file bankruptcy and then the next guy comes and tell you not to file bankruptcy but to consolidate your debt because all the banks and creditor needs to clear their books and since government is bailing them out so you get the benefited too.

but this is "the city" no matter what you like it.

Central park drive north

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NW from 38th st & 11th ave

The new York times building

No Parking For a cabbie

a few days ago when we had the snow storm wednesday 10th feburary to be exact I parked my car on 81st ave in queens, the next day I was clearing out literally over a foot of snow around my cab when the guy came outside from the house the cab was parked next to and yeld, " hey you cant leave your car here for weeks. I mean I dont mind for a few hours but not for weeks."
I was shocked, what this guy is stupid? in a snow storm I could not drive so I had to leave it there and yeah I will if I have to. first I tried to ignore him becoz thats the case with most of the ppls who just upgrade to a decent neighborhood and dont want anybody to park around the corner to their home but this guy wanted an answer.
I told him, " I m not on your property and this is a public parking."
his reply was? "this is a commercial vehicle go park outside your home." he definitely wasnt able to think much as if I had parking outside my house, y would I park my car farther from my home in a snow storm? isnt it safe on a side street than on a main avenue?
then I checked with a frnd of mine and he explained the law and yes this guy has no legal ground to forbid me park there specially if I am lookin for a safe place to park my car so no other car could brush it from the side.
then as we cabbie are professional and deal well with ppls stupidity on road I tried to deal with this guy with same and decided not to park outside his home but next to his.
the next couple of days went well I told my day partner the same not to park outside his home but yesterday when we had another snow storm he was parking where I told him the other neighbor came out of his home and told him not to park there. can you believe in the middle of snow storm when its snowing hard he is telling him not to park there? my partner explained to him that its a public parking plus its cold and snowing and he has no right but he wouldnt listen since it was snowing hard my partner left the car parked there.
the thing is if no body would let us park for mere an hour or two after each shift where would we park? dont we need some time to come home  early? dont we deserve a little respect? oh yeah we do get some respect when no body is picking u up in manhattan to back here in ur neighborhood or after 11pm when u dont want to take the subway anymore. and what if either of us slip on our way to the car parked very far in the snow? would u like to be sued?
rest as for taxi is not a commercial vehicle so get ur facts straight. plus you dont have a no parking signs by the city department of transportation on the streets and if u think u kno the law better then no sir u dont commercial vehicles can b parked on streets upto 11pm and yeah I can park even afterwards becoz I have no commmercial plate.

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow fall feburary 16 2010

Snow falling on apple store

Now falling 5th ave & 59 st

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Central park 65th st crossing

Central park 65th st crossing

Central park 65th st crossing

Central park 65th st crossing

Central park 65th street, 5th ave

Central park snowed trees

White trees

Red & white on 5th ave

Snow fall on 5th ave

Central park white out

A white tree

American flag & snow

Times square during snow

Banana republic store, new York

Columbus circle in snow

Columbus circle white out

Mathew daug steps down

Tlc commisionar Mathew dough is stepping down

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