Saturday, February 20, 2010

No Tip while it wasnt my fault

I am a new york city cab driver and I testify that its not my fault if city decided to either close a street or two and last but not least that some body car broke down in the middle of the road.

Today I picked up a fare from upper west side. she was wearing a black coat and had a bright red lipstick on with skyblue pul-up woolen cap which little girls wear to cover even then ears too.  1st ave and 4th street, please take west side highway down to 14th street cross over to 2nd ave and down to 4th & 1st. that she said when she got in. I said ok and repeated 4th st and 1st ave rite? she said yes.
I took 79 to west side highway and the ramp to south was closed I showed her becoz she seemed to me little upset and would burst anytime kind of girl with strange matching of colors on her. so I showed her not only the ramp but also the very slow moving traffic up ahead and asked her go to 59th and get back on west side highway or cross 79 to fdr drive. take fdr drive was her reply.
since we were going down from fdr now I asked you want to take houston street exit or 23rd street exit. she said, "houston is probably faster but dont drive too fast on fdr it makes me nervous." I said I wont. then she said off the radio please becoz I dont wana hear about golfer tiger wood its his personal life. I keep the back speakers off because 99% of the ppls get in they are too busy on their fones that I believe radio is just interrupt their conversation and make them speak louder on phone. even though since we cant talk on phone radio is a way for me now to distract my self from " sitting in this cab for 12 hours and ignoring other drivers mistakes on the road fraustration" I do turn the radio off whenever asked.
Once we were on fdr and around 61 street she out of nowhere almost yeld " low down" now I was surprised and told her politely I m going at 40, she relived and said, "may be its that cement thing (reffering to concrete barriers)" I said ok I drive in middle lane and she said, "ok now you can drive a little faster." but I didnt.
once at houston I took 2nd street and there was a guy with his car broke down and on the red light the towing guy was beneath the car to hook it up with chains the light turned green and I stopped by him and she started yelling that she doesnt have to pay for this. honk the horn pls she said. I did but the guy couldnt loose it and it really doesnt make sense for him to come out without finishing his job. please honk again he is not listening to. Now I didnt want to becoz I hardly honk at others. now she was upset and told me that the fair is already over 5 dollars and she doesnt have to sit and pay for it its not fair. I told her that the street was closed so she calmed down a little but kept saying she does it every week and its arnd $19 while it was now $22 now I was getting upset that theses things are not my fault then why do I have to suffer? just because I picked you up? I do understand may be its expensive and you have to work hard to make ends meet but how about being nice as I was? she said she couldnt tip me enough becoz its already over and added only $1 though I hate it when credit card tip doesnt cover the processing fee imposed on us without justice but I definitely would have been more happy if she had been a little nicer.

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