Thursday, February 18, 2010

What New York is about?

If you ask me a cab driver what new york is about then its all about money, how? well this city runing so fast so money plays every where you get tickets for parking, speeding tickets, red light camera tickets and last but not least drunk driving or most commonly known as "dwi" driving while intoxicated. y? just so that city can make some money. and since you have to fight those tickets so you have all kind of attorneys and law firms advertising to you to hire a lawyer and he will fight for you and appear in courts and take care of summons.

Talking of attorney and law firms they all covered you if you get injured into virtually any kind of accident and you know y? becoz when they sue on your behalf they get 33% and thats a big number no wonder these lawyer get so rich.

Then being financial hub and I mean globally here you see big banks, corporate firms talking about millions and millions and in the same time every body is in huge credit card debts or under mortgages they cant afford anymore so you hear advertising all the time about how to file bankruptcy and then the next guy comes and tell you not to file bankruptcy but to consolidate your debt because all the banks and creditor needs to clear their books and since government is bailing them out so you get the benefited too.

but this is "the city" no matter what you like it.

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