Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Parking For a cabbie

a few days ago when we had the snow storm wednesday 10th feburary to be exact I parked my car on 81st ave in queens, the next day I was clearing out literally over a foot of snow around my cab when the guy came outside from the house the cab was parked next to and yeld, " hey you cant leave your car here for weeks. I mean I dont mind for a few hours but not for weeks."
I was shocked, what this guy is stupid? in a snow storm I could not drive so I had to leave it there and yeah I will if I have to. first I tried to ignore him becoz thats the case with most of the ppls who just upgrade to a decent neighborhood and dont want anybody to park around the corner to their home but this guy wanted an answer.
I told him, " I m not on your property and this is a public parking."
his reply was? "this is a commercial vehicle go park outside your home." he definitely wasnt able to think much as if I had parking outside my house, y would I park my car farther from my home in a snow storm? isnt it safe on a side street than on a main avenue?
then I checked with a frnd of mine and he explained the law and yes this guy has no legal ground to forbid me park there specially if I am lookin for a safe place to park my car so no other car could brush it from the side.
then as we cabbie are professional and deal well with ppls stupidity on road I tried to deal with this guy with same and decided not to park outside his home but next to his.
the next couple of days went well I told my day partner the same not to park outside his home but yesterday when we had another snow storm he was parking where I told him the other neighbor came out of his home and told him not to park there. can you believe in the middle of snow storm when its snowing hard he is telling him not to park there? my partner explained to him that its a public parking plus its cold and snowing and he has no right but he wouldnt listen since it was snowing hard my partner left the car parked there.
the thing is if no body would let us park for mere an hour or two after each shift where would we park? dont we need some time to come home  early? dont we deserve a little respect? oh yeah we do get some respect when no body is picking u up in manhattan to back here in ur neighborhood or after 11pm when u dont want to take the subway anymore. and what if either of us slip on our way to the car parked very far in the snow? would u like to be sued?
rest as for taxi is not a commercial vehicle so get ur facts straight. plus you dont have a no parking signs by the city department of transportation on the streets and if u think u kno the law better then no sir u dont commercial vehicles can b parked on streets upto 11pm and yeah I can park even afterwards becoz I have no commmercial plate.

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