Sunday, November 29, 2009

William & marry college

Well these r the bikes at William n merry college Virginia. It was a
Good impression as u c only students with cars on most of the college
themed movies. Every time I c a bike I recall my frnds sayin that it
was suppose to b flying cars by this time not back to the bike era

Leaves on road

I definately don't like leaves on road specially they make road
surface more vulnerable.

Raking time

I just live dead leaves

Highway 199

Petersburg train station

I cudnt blv a train station so simple it's like just a shed over train
tracks. I wanted to ride back via Amtrak but fares were outrageous
exactly double.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ah sunny

Richmond had a bright sunny day, it felt so gud especially there r
quote a few in NYC


It was fog all the way from new York to Washington n so my bus was

Another taxi blog

A good friend of mine has done a real awsome job creating his own taxi
blog at http:// I really love the theme work he
did, thumbs up mate n happy taxi blogging, happy thanks giving everyone
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Gas station

I never seen a gas station like that, I wonder who wud have come up
with an idea like that

BQE construction

I m most definately by the civil engineering here, they structures r
real awsome n amazing, one of the amazing thing they did is the
construction of certain highways above the ground, they require
constant maintanace unlike other roadways I was tempted to take this
one becoz of those colorful caps,


Oops missed the shot

Cabby won't stop

U r happy taking out the cellfones from cabby well now take news
papers too, this driver I watched wud stop at every red lite to read a
news or 2

Christmas star

This Christmas star I blv is hanging on 57th street n 5th ave, btw did
anybody hear that wonderful music played outside rockfeller center?

He is protesting for something

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My car


Taxis every where

Too much taxi

Just like everybody wanted to get into jfk lot, so much for the long


Look my meter reads 25.30

Chess board

Chess board on a rock

Oh my coins

Huge coins but giant size

Cat & monkey

Steel cat n monkey

Giant feet

Giant feet in battery park


Footsteps in battery park


Statue of a monkey in battery park


Battery park monkey statue

Battery park

Battery park manhattan downtown

Tulips on park ave

These beautiful tulips on park ave were my favorite


iPhone desktop


iPhone 3g

My iPhone 3g desktop

An old wall

We have so many alike walls in Lahore

Old wall

Ah this wall reminded me of Lahore

Low battery

iPhone low battery 20%

Tree stump


Tall building

No parking

A newyorker' nightmare

Downtown manhattan

Downtown manhattan


Backyard filled with ice

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