Monday, April 9, 2012

Dyckman st

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Park Ave Tulips

This is the only time of the year when I actually love park ave, tulips, after roses they are awesome but park ave residents still s**** most rich, still asking u do crazy moves

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Barb wired USPS

I was told east new York, Brooklyn is dangerous area, I didn't blv for 3 years until now when I saw this USPS it's fenced n barb wired

How to find a Privately Owned NYC cab

Lots & lots of ppls are stuck with garages. garages had their benefits in the past now a days. they just suck the money out of u. high leases and high gas prices are killing cab drivers. the nyc cab industry is so diverse and variant that ppls dont stick around for the long haul and those who do are so much interested in their own affairs cant see the big picture. so a perfect ground for us to LOOSE.
garage used to give u cars of cheap leases. car breaks down u dont pay the lease for the day. u dont wana work dont while they beg u to. now lease? outrageously and very disappointely TLC approved $138 per night (shows how much these garages have influence over TLC) car breaks down u get nothing u still pay the lease for the hours u drove. u dont wana work on a slow day? no problem but no car for u from onwards.
lots of ppls dont kno how to get a cab privately held. they are much cheaper too. cleaner off course. if you are a good driver clean record and no accident is a big. u have a great chances scoring a private cab for u.
priavet cab is either a vehicle owned by the driver while leasing the madellion or both the madellion & the vehicle owned by the dirver.
best places to look? JFK canteen/restroom walls. thats were we all find good drivers. 2nd place now a little over view what to expect from different boroughs
New Jersey
change at port authority. prefer a jersey resident. so night driver can take the cab back to jersey.
night driver takes the cab home. u (day driver) go pick up the car go to work change in manhattan at 4 or 5pm (though in my experience they want high lease)
Staten island
no idea, never heard abt them
harlem and above. change in manhattan. leases are high but u r always in manhattan
they change in manhattan too. either 86 or at 125. when I used to live in bronx i would change at 125. my friends still live their so they change at 86. reason is just where ever in uptown u can find a gas station. leases are about normal.
now this is my area and of a majority of ppls who have private cabs & private madellion. we like to change in queens. reason? airports. those who live near laguardia airpot change there and those who are further towards long island prefer at home. so we can run to jfk. leases are real cheap. in my experience cheapest. one of my friend drove a cab owned by a a sikh guy for 500 per week day shift. for the day i have never heard a lease more than 700 (whiche is a stretch) usually its around 600 to 650. night driver (usually the owner) take the cab home. u pick it up, work and bring it back. if u have ur private car n willing to let him drive it back to home he can let u decide where to change. everything is negotiable unlike garages. I dont wana charge high lease coz driver is forced to drive crazily, more stress on him & cab. his stress may lead to an accident. in the end of the day its always my loss not his. on the other hand some ppls dont feel the same. one of my friend wont lease his cab less than 725. he would work 2 months alone rather lease it for under 600 like i do. my advise if u r in for a few years. find the right guy n stick with him. best of luck.

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