Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am gona sue you!

I was taking a tea break at the taxi stop on 28th street & lexington ave when another cabbie pulled right beside me, he asked if I was leaving. I told him since he needed the spot badly coz he pulled over and asked me I would be happy to leave and park on the firehydrent as I am sitting in my car. He said no but then started telling/asking me about something.
just right then an african american stopped by my side and asked him "will you take me to china town bus station?"
since I was parked and the other guy was looking for parking he asked me, " you wana take this job its a good one."
african american spoke up and said, "look tell me who is gona take me because I am gona sue your ass."
the other cab driver was shocked for a moment and said, " what?"
african american. " dont act like you dont speak english, you just talked to me in english. I am a taxi driver in philadelphia I know what you are pulling. now tell me who is it taking me to the station you or him. or I am gona write down your number and sue one of you"
now he pointed at me and I dont do wrong and dont take wrong. I rolled down my window and asked him whats your problem? before he could start pulling crap on me I told him
" this is a taxi parking, I am off duty and parked this guy is looking for parking, none of us can take you he was only asking me if I wanted to finish my break and take him & I was confirming the address where in china town this bus station is. so if you wana sue mention them that taxi driver was having a tea & was sitting on a taxi stand.
he said." I am a taxi driver in philadelphia ...."
me, " this is new york city welcome to new york city."
him. " I know what shit you pull here I am a taxi driver"
me. " and I know what you are trying to pull wana sue go sue." & I showed him the taxi parking sign too
him, " I know what you are trying to pull, you gota serve first come first serve on line"
me," you are not on a line its a parking stand & we are taking a break, you know a break?"
him, " I know you trying to be smart."
me, " no you are trying to be over smart, but dont."
him. " i m gona sue you son of a b****"
me, "you son of a b***** mother f****".


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

sorry you had to go through that. it's sad when people assume that all taxi drivers are racist, when they are not available for service. it's happened to me too.

Shubel Morgan II said...

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