Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Switching to Andriod

well I lost mine iPhone. I was running late as always so was in a hurry when I accidently dropped it. it has a white screen now. I went to apple but they didnt change it for me as the warranty was a limited one year one so it was 195 days long gone. honestly I am quite happy with apple' warranty they replaced my iPhone twice and they were willing to even now but for a cost which I didnt want to pay coz its only a matter of 2 weeks apple announces the iPhone for this year and most probably late june early july we will have the new iPhone so why pay $216 dollars now while I could buy another one in a month. and I blv iphone 3g is nothing with compare to what apple has in its sleeves for this year.
I just got a my touch 3g which is from HTC I blv and runs on andriod. andriod is a google owned mobile operating system and I had been wanting one for quite some time now. I almost ordered samsung behold 2 but for some reason it never got shipped to me and I never bothered to reorder. but then came HTC Evo which I really want to buy but it went with sprint which runs on CDMA and I want one with GSM so I can use them with prepaid sims once I get a new phone.
so far andriod is different much different I may add. iphone was so simple this is just like a real operating system I am taking my time to familiarize myself with the new toy but to be honest I dont like pushing the home back and menu keys all the time. I even was thinking that apple should get rid of the menu/home button from its device and make it a full touch screen device.

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