Friday, May 21, 2010

Citi Bank in Long Island City


NYC taxi photo said...

ohh, that makes more sense, so the midtown hilton they're talking about is rather the times square hilton? it is so like the news to screw up their report. anybody who knows, knows that the midtown hilton is the one on 6th ave. and the report seemed to keep mentioning the paramount hotel too, which i believe is on 46th street between 8th avenue and 7th/bway. but you're right that photo seems like it was taken at 41st.

who pays 10 to 15 dollars for an airport ride? oh and the people who want to take 50 cents out of the ride - that's hilarious, very blog worthy stuff. I think i've had consecutive days where people asked if it was okay that they didn't have the full amount, i hope you didn't give them too much of a hard time, though blasting the a.c is aggravating, wasting your money both ways. hopefully your next fare tipped you better to make up for that.

I am sure the people who didn't know how to read the meter were not victims of the new york post. if people don't know how to read the meter, than they are obviously not from around here.

NYC Cab Driver said...

some ppls do. they charge 50 for laguardia. 3 differenty passenger told me that they had to pay 50. no doubt they were extremely happy when my meter read 22xx for laguardia.
no in my experience ppls who are really new trust u, dont demand reciept and tip u well. these were the ones who just thaught I was taking them for a ride.

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