Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The florist bears

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Astro Boy

Astro Boy was a good movie but I didnt like them killing the young boy, it was awful. anyway movie was a good time pass. I rate it 8/10.

Life After People

This was one of my favorite documentaries, I am not sure was it was just one time documentary or it was a series so I think it was first a one time documentary and then they decided to make a series.

EOS Rebel T2i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit

This one is newer than Nikon D90 but the case is still the same Nikon has much better consumer lenses than canon. canon' lens are over 1000 each. so I think I should stick to Nikon D90.

Canon VIXIA HF M31

I am thinking to buy this one soon. I was thinking to buy a cheap one for day to day capture of a cabbie's life on the wheel and off the wheel but since I plan to visit my country so thought to work a few extra off days to cover up this camcorder' price.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Twilight Saga: New Moon


so much hyped was about this movie at its release, news, tv, buses everywhere. I thought it must be something but I found it less interesting than the first part. though I could totally understand the girl' behavior to find her true love but it was a bit annoying that unlike other movies the story was being revealed slowly. plus it was more like a drama now. I will rate it 7/10.

The Two Towers

this building on the left always made me wonder what it is? until today I discovered it has another tower in the neighborhood.

Church on 5th

I always wanted to take a pic of this church. I dont know what kind of church it is but it does allow toursit in. its on 5th ave between 51st and 50th I blv.

Update: I was just told that its cathedral of st petricks

Golden Bears

Never Park At a Taxi Stand

Whenever I see a private car parked at a taxi stand I am so pissed off specially on weekends. we cant park anywhere else peoples so we need our space and trust me its not even enough for ourselves. your bladder is full and you really need to go to a restroom but some idiots saw the spots and parked and now you got nothing. this specially happens on friday and saturday from 4 to 8. most busy time and cabbie' on space is gone.
so here it is I was very happy to see this guy had a ticket. should I mention he was from NJ.
and if you dont know there are signs for designated taxi stands. like this one was posted just 20 feets from where this guy had parked.

I am going to brooklyn is that ok?

last incident my friend said its a good idea to ask the passenger which way to take, well hear what happened today.
This woman waived me on houston st and ave a, "I am going to brooklyn, is that ok?" said she.
I said, "yeah"
she said,"2nd st between 5th and 6th, take the brooklyn bridge."
I made a left onto houston st towards fdr so I can take the brooklyn bridge. a few blocks we were at pitt st and houston when she said," take the upper level please!"
now that rang a bell into my head. I quickly parked the car on side and turned towards her and asked, "you said brooklyn bridge?"
she said, "yes please take the uper level."
I said, " brooklyn bridge has no levels."
she said, "oh well which one is that from bowery?"
I said, "thats manhattan bridge."
she said,"well I take daily from union sq and we go down on bowery to that bridge I am sorry I didnt know thats manhattan bridge."
I asked her "now you want to go back to that bridge or ...."
yeah, she replied.
I completed my sentence ... or you want to go from fdr to brooklyn bridge to atlantic ave to 4th ave?
she said, " I forgot I was already a few blocks east from bowery so ok I trust you."
now as soon we were on fdr it was ok until bridge ramp. for a split second I thought to go down from manhattan bridge/ sout street exit but went against the urge and thought it was just the ramp but it wasnt. as we do we stay left most and make the move at the last time and go in I was thinking to do but a police car with emergency siren and flasher realized me its no good but was too late for me. soon I was at the ramp but it wasnt looking good. I told the passenger I take you from manhattan bridge and you can pay 5 dollars less than the meter amount. at first she said just 5? and then settled down for her but as soon as we were again in traffic towards manhattan bridge she started complaining that I should take 10 dollars off as now every body is going and she is racking money while with not close to her home. now she was taking advantage of my offer. I saw the meter when we were at the exit to manhattan bridge/ sout street it was showing 5.70. meter initialize at 3 how could I let her go with 10?
anyway she wasnt mad at me or tried to take her frustration out on me. she was polite all the way up and was talking to me delightly whenever we had to ask each other anything. so I was thinking to let her have the whole ride for free as an appreciation if she gives me only 5 dollars less than the meter amount, any less than that she wont get a free ride.
you wana guess what happen? well ok at her destination we were at 27 and she gave me a 20 and said I can only give you 20. in my book if you dont hold the deal you dont get it so thats it folks.

The Informant

This movie has nothing interesting but
a) it was based on true events
b) it shows what corporate greed could do.
c) bipolar personality disorder can do anything.
rest it was a so so movie. in case you are interested in corporate greed related to food and in one of the scenes they talked about tyson chicken farmers and matt said on his table that lysin will take chickens to markete in 6 rather than 8 you must watch food inc!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Acura ZDX

If it's not a cross over then it's a huge giant sedan. I don't know
wats up with Acura aggressive styling

Museum of natural history park

Central park south, horse & pigeons

Time & Life, 6th ave

Cheap Passengers, Great Passengers

We often cross paths with psycho paths like this guy I wrote about. I decided to write about the passengers who were plain cheaps and also I will write if some passenger was awesome.
Tonight I picked up a guy and girl from 6th ave and flatbush in brooklyn. they wanted to go to 14th st and 6th ave in manhattan, I stop here for a while and ask you which bridge is nearer? and which bridge would you take if you were me to the given destination? keep in mind its saturday night just after 11pm.
ok now you know your answer, I should continue the story. flatbush was heavy so we took some time there and then I hit tillary st towards brooklyn bridge there were cars too and mainly its always like every body is trying to get in and no body is respecting the right of way so my passenger got pissed off.
guy said, "out of curiosity why did you chose this way?
I was amazed and asked him, "you are going to 14th and 6th, rite?"
he said, "yes"
I said, "manhattan bridge is out of the way, brooklyn bridge is nearest."
girl said, " no its not, its in south we should have gone over the manhattan bridge to 3rd ave up to 14th st cross."
now I was wondering why didnt you told me when you got in? that would definitely had been a solid treat. I kept quite because I think silence is golden with peoples who dont know anything.
they guy was being just a "yes ma'am." for some reason and then they went whispering real low and then decided to get off there. I heard the girl asking the guy "you have 30 cents?" the fare was $10.30. at first I was going to tell them dont worry about thirty cents and here take a dollar from me I am no cheap nor I want your money, and last thing I would want on a saturday night would be sitting in traffic rather than picking next fare.
I was going to take brooklyn bridge to either chamber st or next left to church st up all the way up to 14th st but decided not to show them this way as they should keep spending more for their destination.
also I blv had I had taken the manhattan bridge they would have said that I was taking the longest route.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lets Sue Ex TLC Commissioner Matthew Duas

TLC Commissioner Matthew Duas is pretty non-reasonable person. He gave us all bad name and actually made live worse for us. now in a usuall shift you easily see ppls very anxiously looking at meter and one of them would say oh boy this is the longest/expensive ride I have ever taken. I actually was asked in a moking tone on different social groups about when did I overcharge?
so the theory is this that ONE damn guy was doing it and got caught, then TLC decided to wake up and check their data & since they are all geniuses they without analyzing and verifying gave it to Mr Duas, Who doesn't know anything but to sit on his chair and pass laws such as the recent cell phone ban for cabbies (if you look into the details you would wonder who in his right mind could pass that but as I said they are not so bright up in TLC) so Mr Duas wanted to make a bang before he leaves for good made a press release saying that 100% of cab drivers did it. later almost 3 weeks he admitted that he was in a hurry and was wrong upto 90% but still I believe number is much less than that he is accusing.
since we are already suffering MTA tax and it actually decreased our income by some degree becoz ppls don't know its actually going to MTA and now thanks to Mr Duas lets all be together sue TLC and Matthew Duas, they owe us big time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Con Error

Once upon a time we were rich, I mean as a nation we were wealthy enough. except for MTA, so in those times we used to throw bones at MTA every year while trains were dirtier, stations were uncleaned, roofs were falling and metals were rusty, then MTA suddenly said hey we have no money becoz we are so careless and unworthy we need more. unfortunately we werent very rich anymore. so we had to put a tax on new yorkers for being in the city. just 5 years ago no body would have believed we will be so broke that we will have to put a MTA tax on taxi rides. this is a shame. anyway every driver paid $75 bucks for meter upgradation which should be paid back to us by either the ny state or by mta. now every driver is actually paying mta tax out of their tips. and what they come up with? well blame the taxi driver for everything.
one of the gift this mta mess upgradation is con error. now u get this error a lot and thats is the main reason where so many drivers actually kept pressing it and went on to rate 4. thats another rocket science, geniuses at TLC wont understand very easily.
so today I was having this error, I told my passenger that I need to reboot the meter. she was short on terms and told her friend on phone,"can you believe this shit? he cant take me." I tell you african americans waste no moment make a matter, "just becoz I am black." matter.
after her I rebooted and then was waiting for my system to respond when 2 white men came. I told them I m having a meter rebooting, apparently they didnt now what it means either. they sat and said can we go now? and I was like what? I just told you somehting. anyway I tried to explaing him by telling him that meter is restarting. it was still too much for him. he said should we get another cab? we are in a hurry. I said yes if you want you should. they got out but the cab they were actually to hop onto was not available anymore. now both of them were with open doors and didnt want to let me go until they find another one.
then they got in and told me oh come on, lets go I have a sick wife at home. I was like whats wrong with you? if meter is not working how I am gona charge you? and your wife apparently was without you the whole day. plus how about going downstair get a subway and go home? but since I am very polite and hardly speak up I didnt say a single word except that its gona take time.
well meter takes 2 to 3 minutes to boot and this all happened in that time frame. we deal with all kind of peoples and all kind of situation. I think its about time we get united and ease some of the things they have been pressing on us. for a start how about getting rid of this MTA mess this november?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Dogs

Old dogs' story wasnt very appealing but yeah it gave me a few laughs. it wasnt as good as a steve martin's flick would but yeah it was ok. especially john travolta was in a different kind of role. I really enjoyed when he hires the same guy for baby safety for robin williams' boat.

It's not right but it's OK, Remix, Whitney Houston

Now a days I am loving this song. it's not right but its ok I am gona make it anyway.

Rate 4 Cheating wasnt a cheating afterall

TLC today ate its own words and without any apology said there were less drivers then they originally blamed. but the thing is thanks to TLC' careless behavior and media' efficiency now every other passenger thinks that cabbie's had been crooks for years and cheating them. there is an old saying TLC, "think before you speak" in my view most of the laws ppls have problem with are made by TLC to make the situation worse and TLC is very good at it.
so here is the thing, you have the reciept it does say nassau county rate 4 but still u werent cheated, how is that possible? well the meter has buttons placed very close to each other. and meter is sensitive to time and motion. so when at the destination driver press the rate button accidently then the rate 4 will be on but since you are stopped so meter is not sensing the car is motion so its not charging you, ok what about the time? well meter has 1 minute before it charge u for the time and thats more than enough for the driver to hit stop time and let you see the payment option screen. this way you still get a receipt of nassau county rate 4 but you are never charged nor cheated for that.
most of the cabbies are honest, poor hardworking HUMAN BEINGS, respect them.

Drunk on Monday Night?

Today was so so. it was rainy and monday so it was total disaster. for some reason monday is the slowest day of the week for evening shift. I think it would be the busiest day for the mass transit. I got a fare from 388 greenwich st going to chambers and broadway. after droping her a lady jumped in. she was actually accompanied by her friend and guess what the lady who got in was full drunk and her friend was not very bright either. she was trying to leave her on me. but the thing was she didnt know her address. all she said was, "forest hills"
I kept asking her whats your address? she said 43 and forest hills. now I needed one cross street to make it work but nope she couldnt remember. I was not frustrated but sorry for her. rain + being drunk. means you gona be left on the roads untill you get back into your senses or you will be mugged. I wanted to take her becoz thats my job picking you up n droping you up but I didnt want her friend to leave until I know where I m taking her becoz I didnt want to leave her alone on the roads if she doesnt come up with the address so I had to get out of the car and chase her friend twice to make sure she gets me the address or take care of her friend becoz city is city and anything can happen to a drunk and alone woman.
once she couldnt come up with the address she came out of the car and left me. one thing I dont understand about americans, how come you are friends and dont know each other' home address? you hang out together you know you gona drink and get drunk so you should tell each other' where you leave just in case. or may be americans dont poke around much.


I just watched this movie. it was a so so between action and thriller. I didnt like it much. will rate it 6/10.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What kind of mark is she leaving?

This advertisement has been in times square for a while now and makes
me wonder for quite a things
What kind of mark is she leaving?
Why she had to be in her bikini?
What's up with he loves me, he loves me not?
Why nobody else stepped up to leave a mark for example some one with
bigger boobs or wrinkle free or longer hairs? Btw I love her hair :d

I hate thus scene

I hate it when African Americans have to ask through the window and
driver refuses, why can't they be treated as humans? I know they don't
tip and take us to Bronx or far Brooklyn or they r always short on the
fare but still it shouldn't stop us serving them.

Aeria, Times Square

H.Stern 5th ave

Brother MFC 240C Ink

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Giant Canon of Brooklyn

Cathedral of St John The Devine

Amsterdam & 111

A guy on rooftop

It's very common in my part of the world to use the roof for half of
the day

Church on 112 & Amsterdam Ave



Pookie & sebastian

Brooklyn Museum

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday Lawn Game Update | Donut Games

I just launched my iPhone app store to install another browser and found there were some updates available for my apps, one of them was for Donut Game's Sunday Lawn. They say they have added 10 extra levels to the challenge mood. so far this is my most favorite game.

Friday, March 19, 2010

LGA Taxi Lot

Laguardia Central Taxi Hold

Museum Of Natural History

Central Park South

Spring Shot

Loews Regency Hotel

Church on park ave

72nd st & broadway & Amsterdam ave

What 2 do in a NYC Yellow Cab.

I am a New York City Cab driver and I am gona write a bit about a taxi ride.
Remember The Transporter? So you should remember the rules, If you didnt watch it buy it now

or watch the clip here.

Once you have followed these rules
Respect the car
Greet the man
buckle up
you should look at your bill of rights,
As a taxi rider, you have the right to:
  • Pay for your ride with credit/debit card;
  • Go to any destination in NYC, Westchester, Nassau, or Newark Airport;
  • Direct the route taken: The most direct route or one of your choice;
  • A safe and courteous driver who obeys all traffic laws;
  • A knowledgeable driver who speaks English and knows City geography;
  • Air conditioning or heat on request;
  • A noise free trip: no horn honking or radio;
  • Clean air. smoke and scent free air;
  • Working seatbelts for all passengers;
  • A clean taxicab: interior, exterior and partition;
  • Be accompanied by a service animal;
  • A driver who does not use a cell phone while driving (hand-held or hands free);
  • Decline to tip for poor service.

Since now a days we have a "Rate 4" scam scandal in full swing, look at your meter and see the Rate must show 1 if you are inside 5 boroughs of New York City. for westchester and nassau county its gona be 4, for rest of the areas its going to be a flat rate most of the time unless you wana go on meter to a destination in new york state. ( I strongly recommend going on flate rate becos meter runs doulbe once out of the city limits and thats Rate 4). you get rate 3 for Newark Liberty Internation Airport and meter starts at 1$7.50, Only for John F. Kenedy Airport your ride is Rate 2 which should be $45.50 + tolls if any and dont forget to tip your driver.
I have a rule If you are happy with the service give 2 dollars or 20% what ever is bigger and ofcourse if your pocket allows you to do so. if you felt driver' service was so-so give him atleast a dollar. if you had a heated argument I know you not gona give him anything. & very lastly get off on the curb side for YOUR OWN Saftey.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

I am a New York City Cab Driver and I wish you a very happy St Patrick's Day.

Who She Was?

I was coming down 5th ave around 6:00 when a door man hailed me. I stopped and he waived inside and a few moments passed a 70+ lady came, handed a letter to the door man and told him,"only hand it to the mail man." the door man asked if he could drop it in the mail box and she said."no I rather give it to a mail man."
once in my cab she sat without saying anything so I greeted her and asked where to go. she replied after a while 185th and Amsterdam ave. I asked her which way she would like to go and she said,"you are the cab driver, Safest and fastest way please, I am already one hour late and I kno its not your fault" I though ok! she wont be a problem like other ppls get pissed of at commuting time traffic. I said yeah some times peoples have preferred route so I always asked she said I dont care what way you go. So I started going towards west side highway & she started making calls to everybody on her list to ask,"did you call? somebody called me and I dont know how it was."
Once I was at west end ave and 72nd street she asked which way you are going? I said up on west side highway to G W Bridge its rite there, rite? she said yes but dont you think so lots of ppls going to new jersey and it will be heavy traffic? you should take braodway or amsterdam ave up? Now I am wondering when I asked you, you should have told me now I am on my way and you are suggesting something? I asked would you like me to go that way now? She said no take this and if we have traffic we will get off.
it was a fast smooth ride we saw only traffic on 181 and that was due to a left turn and a fire engine going to answer a call. she paid me $26.50 while fare was $26.40. that was the most busiest time of our shift and she had no shame. if you have come from my buzz, she was there to attend the board member's meeting. that answers the questions.

Payless Shoe Store

A Homeless' Wardrobe

NBA store?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Columbia University

Wilf Campus - Yeshiva University

David H Zyson Hall - Yeshiva University

Yeshiva university residence hall

Yashiva university residence hall

380 Madison Ave

How 2 Hail A Cab in New York City

I am a New York City Taxi Driver and I am going to write a bit How to take a taxi cab in new york city.
I often come across peoples who actually want to get a taxi but dont know how to. 99.99% of them are tourist or new to new york. I recall my first time when I took the cab for the very first time I let a few cabs passed by me before I used common sense to hail a cab. I went and had bought an iPhone 3g and was taking subway back to queens. where I had to change the train I waited 30 minutes but no sign of it so I decided to take the cab. I went upstairs and waited and waited but no cab would stop before I said to my self "duh" how they gona know I want a cab? so I hesitantly let a few more cabs passed by before stretching my arm shyly and the guy stopped in front of me. I asked him will you take me to this address? he had the idea where it was but I still took my gps out and showed him how to go there. He actually let me sit in front with him. I thing a new driver wouldnt do that.
so now whenever I guess somebody is new and doesnt know how to hail a cab I do teach them what to do to get the cab.
first of all yes if you dont wana bother yourself just stretch your arm and closest available taxi driver will pull in front of you, no need to go to windows to ask him just hop in and tell him the destination he will take you there in no time.
technically you should see if the light with alpha numeric value atop of the taxi is lit or not? its should b the medallion number with 1a11 sequence. if so that cab is available. if there is another light on with the words "off duty" illuminated then that cab may or may not be available depending solely on the driver.
if none of the lights are lit. it means the taxi is hired and can not serve you but keep your arm stretched someone will soon zoooom rite in.
for more how about you watch this video?

The Metropolitan Meuseum Of Art

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Sony Bravia TV

Tree on road

I hardly step foot on gas if I cant see the road. Last night after the hurricane strength winds of 74mph I was going back home and had to go through an unknown road. it was a neighboor hood with houses on both sides. I could see the stop sign but nothing else it gave me a hunch that may be this road is a dead end but why there would be a stop sign? so I looked for a dead end sign but none to be found. as soon as I was closer to 10 feets in that horrible rain, I saw this giant branch which was a size of a full grown tree blocking a 4 lanes road. just imagine it was so huge that I actually had to make a U turn there. now if you didnt believe we are dealing with global warming believe now. 2 storms feburary and march with hurricane strength winds it simply not normal.

What is that building with a pyramid on top

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