Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Con Error

Once upon a time we were rich, I mean as a nation we were wealthy enough. except for MTA, so in those times we used to throw bones at MTA every year while trains were dirtier, stations were uncleaned, roofs were falling and metals were rusty, then MTA suddenly said hey we have no money becoz we are so careless and unworthy we need more. unfortunately we werent very rich anymore. so we had to put a tax on new yorkers for being in the city. just 5 years ago no body would have believed we will be so broke that we will have to put a MTA tax on taxi rides. this is a shame. anyway every driver paid $75 bucks for meter upgradation which should be paid back to us by either the ny state or by mta. now every driver is actually paying mta tax out of their tips. and what they come up with? well blame the taxi driver for everything.
one of the gift this mta mess upgradation is con error. now u get this error a lot and thats is the main reason where so many drivers actually kept pressing it and went on to rate 4. thats another rocket science, geniuses at TLC wont understand very easily.
so today I was having this error, I told my passenger that I need to reboot the meter. she was short on terms and told her friend on phone,"can you believe this shit? he cant take me." I tell you african americans waste no moment make a matter, "just becoz I am black." matter.
after her I rebooted and then was waiting for my system to respond when 2 white men came. I told them I m having a meter rebooting, apparently they didnt now what it means either. they sat and said can we go now? and I was like what? I just told you somehting. anyway I tried to explaing him by telling him that meter is restarting. it was still too much for him. he said should we get another cab? we are in a hurry. I said yes if you want you should. they got out but the cab they were actually to hop onto was not available anymore. now both of them were with open doors and didnt want to let me go until they find another one.
then they got in and told me oh come on, lets go I have a sick wife at home. I was like whats wrong with you? if meter is not working how I am gona charge you? and your wife apparently was without you the whole day. plus how about going downstair get a subway and go home? but since I am very polite and hardly speak up I didnt say a single word except that its gona take time.
well meter takes 2 to 3 minutes to boot and this all happened in that time frame. we deal with all kind of peoples and all kind of situation. I think its about time we get united and ease some of the things they have been pressing on us. for a start how about getting rid of this MTA mess this november?

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