Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Rainy Day

I am a NYC Cab Driver & its not my fault if there are certain laws you never seen in your life time of living in NYC.
Wow what a day it was. a rainy day which always gets onto the nerves of new yorkers but today was exceptional. with gusting winds of reaching hurricane level strength  (74mph) and rain fall of literally pouring. Last night my day partner called me and told me that he has to take the continuous education class so I need to change the car in Manhattan rather then at home. I thought since my good friend already betrayed me so why not go early and take the class too while I have to change the car there anyway. so I went to sleep around 4:30 in the morning woke up at 8:45 and went to the Laguardia Community College.
after that I went to city in the hope of getting something out of this rain we had. to my surprise city was busy while with this rain I thought it will be hard to get fares. so aroun 4:30 I dropped somebody at 34 street between 5th ave and 6th ave. this guy gets in and tell me to go to 14th st and 1st ave. he admitted himself that he probably is on the wrong side. now from 34st to 6th ave there is a no right turn except buses posted but apparently this guy never seen in his life time and was blind at the spot to see n told me now what? I told him I will try at 7th ave if its mon - fri if not my only option is 8th ave and go around. unfortunately 7th ave had no left except sunday sign. I showed him and he freaked out. as I dont care what passenger saying if his/her will is against the law because thats damage to my license not to his/her.
once we were at 8th he start saying now a tour of new york. I tried to be polite and told him its the law and I am just following it but I can stop the meter early just if that makes him happy. he said no I didnt see the sign on 6th ave. I told him I can take you back there and you can see it for your self. He said no its your driving you are wrong now I was thinking what kind of guy he is. I told him sign is there and so is a cop I could not so I did not. he said in a tone that I hated it he said just drive i m not paying full u gona stop meter early. I just lost it. who in the hell you think to tell me you wont pay full? its my choice to stop the meter early or not but you have to pay or you can explain this to a cop and still you will pay. I told him as loud as he was that now you have 2 options forget the meter what so ever is on it. just get another cab no charge. or stop it and I will stop the meter early. he went quite but after a while said I didnt see no sign on 6th. had he said anythin else I definately would have told him to get out but I told him sign is there under the scaffolding but still visible and he can see the next time he is there.
I took 7th down to 22nd st as he had instructed and once we were at broadway and 22 I stopped the meter. fare was 9 this guy used his credit card and entered 0 tip. it was no surprise to me but proved that he was indeed the cheapest guy I ever had in my cab. I am stopping the meter a whole 10 blocks before and? anyway!
later I dropped somebody at penn station. then went on to the line. when my number came 5 peoples came. as you know if you are a cab driver or had been in a group of 5 almost all of the cabs with the exception of mini vans a new york taxi can hold only 4 adult passenger no exception. its for your own safety. this happen to me all the time I m telling them "I cant take 5" and they are not listening to me but gettin in and once they are in and told me the destination and cab is still not in motion and all of them are looking at me dumb folded. I tell them once has to get another cab. I cant take 5, only 4. so then they start saying oh please, we pay good tip etc or its an emergency. I am very firm with the rules dont make a mistake and never be sorry for it. so I told these guys, one of them said "put a f**** sign" I again lost it. I never loose it with passenger but may be becoz of the little sleep I had or may be all the stress with rain but I strongly believe every other driving is lossing it as badly as I did becoz now we cant tell our stores on phone and having this fraustration inside we gona be more into heated dialouges with passengers.. I told him loudly "there is a sign, come I show you" others were wise enough and would have seen the cab availability situation in that rainfall and told him "we can take two cabs" told him the destination and came with me. once they were in I politely showed them where is the sign for maximum allowed passengers. if you dont know then its always on the back of the cab driver's head upper left corner towards you. then I explained to them that if they really must ride 5 they need to hail a mini van. they were understanding enough were kind to me and paid me 4 dollar tip on top of 8 dollar fare.
later on I took a guy from 95th st going to JFK. once I dropped him at his terminal there was a British couple. girl with the lodging and guy came over to me, knocked on the window, once I rolled down. He asked. can you take a fare? I said no but as soon as I say no he looked disappointed and went away without listening to me where he could get the cab. if you dont kno we can not pick up a fare at an airport like that. we need to go throug the central taxi lot system and if you need a cab you need to go to designated taxi lines.
so these 3 incidents today while I was just following the law and seems it was too much for peoples. wether you like it or not I cant break a law for you because when the cop gona pull me over. you wont pay for me neither would be able to save me from any trouble/tickets/points. cant have it your way in my cab.


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

i hear you brother. we are always the bad guys. even the best taxi drivers. bad to the passengers. bad to the tlc. bad to the nypd. bad to the mayor. but what matters is that we know we are good in our hearts.

NYC said...

yes ppls will accept anything bad about us as truth without even thinkin for a second

NYCabbie said...

Intresting Indeed, for future if someone tells you he/she did not see the signs remind them they dont have to but driver must look for lights and turning signs.

NYC taxi photo said...

yes, you gotta be quick with those people on crosstown streets like that, and tell them that it would be better if they get a cab on the avenue, it would be a lot faster, tell them that you're stuck on the street and it's illegal for you to turn for a long time.

and the jfk if the first thing they here is no they don't wanna hear another thing, tell them downstairs. the 5 people thing sucks, i dunno, i take them anyway, but right at penn station i feel like they just give you ticket for being there.

bad luck day eh? best on rainy days is the little rides hopefully from people who need to get out of the rain, and not people in a hurry, so they won't be mad when i drive carefully

Unknown said...

ny cabbie and nyc taxi photo I appreciate the tips :)

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