Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How 2 Hail A Cab in New York City

I am a New York City Taxi Driver and I am going to write a bit How to take a taxi cab in new york city.
I often come across peoples who actually want to get a taxi but dont know how to. 99.99% of them are tourist or new to new york. I recall my first time when I took the cab for the very first time I let a few cabs passed by me before I used common sense to hail a cab. I went and had bought an iPhone 3g and was taking subway back to queens. where I had to change the train I waited 30 minutes but no sign of it so I decided to take the cab. I went upstairs and waited and waited but no cab would stop before I said to my self "duh" how they gona know I want a cab? so I hesitantly let a few more cabs passed by before stretching my arm shyly and the guy stopped in front of me. I asked him will you take me to this address? he had the idea where it was but I still took my gps out and showed him how to go there. He actually let me sit in front with him. I thing a new driver wouldnt do that.
so now whenever I guess somebody is new and doesnt know how to hail a cab I do teach them what to do to get the cab.
first of all yes if you dont wana bother yourself just stretch your arm and closest available taxi driver will pull in front of you, no need to go to windows to ask him just hop in and tell him the destination he will take you there in no time.
technically you should see if the light with alpha numeric value atop of the taxi is lit or not? its should b the medallion number with 1a11 sequence. if so that cab is available. if there is another light on with the words "off duty" illuminated then that cab may or may not be available depending solely on the driver.
if none of the lights are lit. it means the taxi is hired and can not serve you but keep your arm stretched someone will soon zoooom rite in.
for more how about you watch this video?


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