Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chicken Biryani & Lasi

Jamaica ave & 24th St.

Giant SMURF at Columbus Circle

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google Plus Invites - Giveaway

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Need google plus invitation?

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Monday, July 4, 2011


it seems I am extremely biased towards indians. I am not. but one thing I am pretty sure. soon indian prime minister will announce in a speech that indians have been to white house but its still hard for them to catch a cab in nyc. just read these two incidents and correct me if I am wrong.

first at jfk terminal 7: an indian guy with wife and kid, he wanted to go to 17th street & 2nd ave. once we were on van wyck expressway he asked if I could take williams burgh bridge? I politely refused as its way out of way. first you go down south and then come up north? just so you can save toll?
he repeated "out of way" in a surprised tone. offered me "i can pay you the toll money."
I said politely, "no lets pay it to the gov."
at the destination he gave me zero dollars tip on a credit card. I turned back. took a good look at him and thanked him twice. I dont know if he was nervous or what he threw pen down from the window. god bless his soul may be he was broke or what.

2nd two young indian guys. asked me about a budha restaurant.
I said,"no I dont kno, you have to give me the address."
one said." 75th & 9th."
me,"you mean 75th st & columbus?"
him,"yeah yes."
once at 75th he asked me again if I know the restaurant. I said no you can look around. him called come body got the address on his cell phone and said its between 16th and 17th street. I felt this is going to get ugly. these guys dont know what they are doing. well after fighting my way through the horrible traffic getting out of the city for july 4th vacation I went down. once outside the bar. which happend to be chesea markete & not budha restaurant. he made sure that his campanion is inside the chelsea markete door then handed me 5 dollar bill while the fare was $18. I thought may be he made a mistake and wanted to give me a 20 rather 5 so I yelled hey its a 5 but he didnt listen to me I honked and came out of the cab. followed him by saying hey excuse me, now every body else was looking at me but him. he played as if he is busy on his ph but hurridly went inside the door I went after him but too late he was gone. what a looser cheap indian.
lets be aware and update the list of possible fare runner.

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