Monday, May 3, 2010

Brighton Beach, 25 Bucks?

I took this old woman from JFK. she wanted to go to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. She requested to sit in front with me. on our way we talked a little. there is some construction going on on Belt Parkway so she was kinda upset that we were stuck in traffic. once meter had hit 27 she said she has only $30 or else I will have to take her to bank.
after a while we were out of traffic but still had good 5 miles ahead as soon as I took the exit for ocean parkway meter was reading $40.50 + $1.50 she said can you please turn off the meter here so I dont have to go to bank. it was a bit depressing but I didnt want her to trouble. so I turned off the meter. Now against her statement she managed to produce $42.
she said "cab company only charge me $25 I dont know why yellow cab is so high."
now would you believe that? I used to live on ocean parkway and ave x. I got a cab for family on january 6th 2010 and they charged me $60. I will write another very interesting story about me vs a passenger in TLC Court. so this one will make a lot more sense.


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

cheapskate elder russian lady?

NYC said...

yeah she was an old russian lady. came from a vacation at dominican & that was both making sense how she had not much of money left and was upsetting that she had vacation but not enough for taxi

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