Sunday, May 9, 2010


If you have followed my buzz from here I had 3 incidents.

One: A guy was confuse how to get a cab at port authority. it was around 5pm. I knew by his acts that he needs a taxi but doesnt know how to get in. for such peoples I just park in front of them and wave them to hop in. so I did the same to him and he hopped in. now he told me his destination.
Him: cheee-na-too
Me: chenato?
Him: Yes
Me: what?
Him: cheee-na-too
Me: here write me your address on this paper.
He ignored my paper and took out a visiting card. it was all written in chinese but address was of chinatown. Now I felt stupid for not making 2+2=4. until I had this 3rd incident this week but before that read on for the 2nd incident.

Second: I picked up a passenger from 9th ave and he wanted to go down to 29st & 10th Ave. I went down 9th and when I was at 39st. A Chinese guy on a local delivery truck stopped by me and asked me;
Him: Chinatown?
Me: ?
Him: how to go china town?
Me: Go down make a left on 14th and right on 3rd until you see chinese.
Him: 4 blocks?
Me: No go to 14st ....
Him: how many blocks?
Me: 25 but you need to go to 14st to 3rd .... and our light turned green and we had to move.

Third: Three days ago. I had the worst day of cab driving day. My partner was off. so I took out the car early around 1pm and went to JFK. I got a fare to city and was happy until 4:11pm. 2 guys jumped in and wanted to go to Laguardia Airport. after dropping them off to Marine Air Terminal I went to Delta lot and got a fare. A chinese guy.
He Said: Chinatown.
Me: Chinatown?
Him: Yes
Me: Manhattan
Him: Yes
Me: Chinatown, manhattan
Him: Yes
Once I drove off and was close to US Gate. He said Main Street. Now for a split second I wanted to bang my head. I had no knowledge of main st in manhattan so it was flushing queens and I lost my short trip. Now we had another funny conversation.
Me: China Town manhattan or queens?
Him: Yes
Me: Flushing?
Him: Yes
Me: Manhattan
Him: Yes ming st
Me: ming or main?
Him: yes
Me: ok here write me your address on this paper.
he just like the first guy ignored the paper and started dialing a number on his phone. talked to someone and gave me the phone. It was his wife with much better english skills but very unfortunately Her accent was hard to understand.
Me: Hi is he going to queens or manhattan?
She: queens.
Me: ok can you give me your address?
She: 142-20 main st
now this address wasnt foundable by my gps. I asked her give me an intersection and he can guide me from there.
She: Flushing and main st.
Me: no they are not cross streets. give me cross street. but she kept repeating that. now I turned back and asked the guy give me your ID Card and it will be of great help
Him: no ID
Me: you dont have an ID Card?
Him: No ID
now I asked the woman on phone ma'am is there any body else possibly your child who can speak english? but there were none. now I had all my options ran off and I was thinking to go back to dispatcher when she heard me finally and said ok you want address? I said Yes
She gave me 42-xx union st. rest was a smooth ride to his home with me regretting I lost my short trip ticket plus had to wait another hour in lga for next fare and hence was able to go back to city by 8:30pm


Gilighan Qabista said...

no shorty pass, but you that fare to chinatown and then to flushing must have been around 45-50 dollars, no?

Nyc Cab Driver said...

no in a situation like that where passengers cant speak much of english my car dont move until I m sure where they heading so was the case
the fare was 16 he gave me 18.

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