Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheap Passengers, Great Passengers

We often cross paths with psycho paths like this guy I wrote about. I decided to write about the passengers who were plain cheaps and also I will write if some passenger was awesome.
Tonight I picked up a guy and girl from 6th ave and flatbush in brooklyn. they wanted to go to 14th st and 6th ave in manhattan, I stop here for a while and ask you which bridge is nearer? and which bridge would you take if you were me to the given destination? keep in mind its saturday night just after 11pm.
ok now you know your answer, I should continue the story. flatbush was heavy so we took some time there and then I hit tillary st towards brooklyn bridge there were cars too and mainly its always like every body is trying to get in and no body is respecting the right of way so my passenger got pissed off.
guy said, "out of curiosity why did you chose this way?
I was amazed and asked him, "you are going to 14th and 6th, rite?"
he said, "yes"
I said, "manhattan bridge is out of the way, brooklyn bridge is nearest."
girl said, " no its not, its in south we should have gone over the manhattan bridge to 3rd ave up to 14th st cross."
now I was wondering why didnt you told me when you got in? that would definitely had been a solid treat. I kept quite because I think silence is golden with peoples who dont know anything.
they guy was being just a "yes ma'am." for some reason and then they went whispering real low and then decided to get off there. I heard the girl asking the guy "you have 30 cents?" the fare was $10.30. at first I was going to tell them dont worry about thirty cents and here take a dollar from me I am no cheap nor I want your money, and last thing I would want on a saturday night would be sitting in traffic rather than picking next fare.
I was going to take brooklyn bridge to either chamber st or next left to church st up all the way up to 14th st but decided not to show them this way as they should keep spending more for their destination.
also I blv had I had taken the manhattan bridge they would have said that I was taking the longest route.


NYC Cabbie said...

Manahattan Bridge was the best choice and nearest also, brooklyn bridge is two blocks south in Brookline and brings you on chambers street, which is again 8 blocks south of canal street. If you were thinking to avoid Bowery in SoHo, you could have taken canal to 6th avenue. Or best route with lesser traffic on weekends is canal to center straight up to unio square, faster and shorter than any other route that time, I don't know WHAT were you thinking while turning from Flatbush to tillary street , that red light takes forever, Sorry to tell you but you chose the worst route possible, even if you had thought of avoiding traffic taking that route, had you considered traffic in Greenwich village? Which is like driving in fuckville during weekends?
There is also one more rule which I always follow to ask passenger their preffered way, not because we don't know the way but because to avoid situations like this.

NYC said...

Remember y I stopped getting my directions from u? N that's y u get dozen brooklyn in a row back to back lol!
Anyway Brooklyn bridge is 8 blocks south n manhattan is 15 blocks east
u forgot that from Flatbush both light turn green at the same time for straight ahead n to left towards Brooklyn bridge
u forgot the traffic to holland tunnel? I been to Hoboken n actually went up to Lincoln just becoz of traffic at holland for me it's either up on this side or at that
u forgot the traffic to holland at broom n center n u forget the turning lane with double parked cabs at center & delancy
u forgot the construction on laffayete n Houston it takes atleast 2 lights to clear that one intersection

NYC Cabbie said...

I was talking about red turning signal from tillary street onto brooklyn bridge, even with all that construction center/Cleveland/lafayette is always faster compared to any other route on weekends
All other things you have said are assumtions, we must not assume in this business.

P.S= (Zayda siyana hona buhat waddi problem ay sometimes :-D)

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