Monday, March 1, 2010

Location Based Services on iPhone and Chase (bank)

If you live in New York City and happen to have a chase bank account and also manage or depends heavily  just because you are a cab driver and you have to deposit money into your account at odd times as you know parking is a big problem. so you are at a part of the town you are not sure where you could find the chase bank and its too late in the night to find somebody where to find a chase branch. you smile and take your iPhone out and tap on the chase bank app you downloaded and try to find the nearest chase bank branch but the smile fades when you look the result, showing in 0.* miles in down town Manhattan.
come on I am in queens, you mutter to yourself. well over n over again it would show you the same. this happened to me quite a few time so I missed my deposit. One day night I said to my self enough is enough. it was snowy we just had this snow storm and the next one started that night. I had to make that deposit as I had plenty of time. I took the direction from a gas station manager and he had sent me into the wrong direction.
I went far but no luck it was a main street into neighborhood. I took out the iPhone but still it was showing me the locations from down town Manhattan. I said to my self wait a minute why down town Manhattan always? because I open up the iPhone map every time I go with a fare just to be sure about the streets as they make me nervous and the last thing I want is a passenger yelling at me.
so I closed the chase app, opened up the Google map, tapped on the circle to find my current location. after that closed the Google maps, opened up the chase app again and said aha now it was showing me the branches in and around my area. so I went made the deposit.


NYCabbie said...

More you rely on technology, more in-confident you become.

Nyc Cab Driver said...

yeah u learn slow but act as if you kno everythin

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