Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Export iPhone Contacts to a CSV File

If you are going to change your iPhone or just want to take backup of your iPhone contacts, here is a simple way to export your iPhone contacts as csv file in Windows 7/Windows Vista and you can open this csv file in Excel. You just need your iPhone and iTunes running in Windows7. Windows XP users here.
Export iPhone contact as CSV file or to Excel
Download and install iTunes, after installation Run iTunes.
Connect your iPhone with computer using data cable.
On the safe side backup your device first, Right-click on your device and select “Back Up” (in-case of any problem with iPhone Contacts you can restore your device later).
Connected iPhone device
When iTunes finish the back up process, Click on “Info” tab
iTunes info tab
Click on “Sync Contacts with” check box, select “Windows Contacts” from drop down menu and click “Apply” or “Sync” button
sync contacts with windows
Press “Windows + R” keys form keyboard to open “Run” window and type “wab” in “Open” filed and hit OK
type wab command in run
Click on tiny arrow and select “Export” as shown below
all contacts
Select “CSV (Comma Separated Values)” option and click “Export” button
export csv
Click on “Browse” button, choose location to save iPhone contacts as csv file
csv export
Select iPhone contacts fields that you want to export and hit “Finish” button
Field to export in csv
You will see this message if iPhone contacts exported as csv file successfully, hit “OK” button.
Windows Contacts
Now you can use this csv file to import iPhone contacts in any other application or device or you can open this file in Excel to view all iPhone contacts.



iPhone appllication development said...

This is very informative post. I really like your explanation with screen shot. Thanks for valuable sharing.

Bob said...

Hello ...
Very nice description and screen prints.
However ...
I can't get it to work.
I follow the instructions and I only get one record in the CSV file. A record with a ton of commas and my name, probably the iPhone name? I also get a line with all the field names.
I guess I don't quite get it. I wanted to EXPORT from iPHone to CSV on the PC. Why do I open WAB on the PC and then do an export there?
I must be missing something.
How do I get 180 or so contacts from my iPhone to a CSV file?
Could someone set me straight!
Thanks .. Bob

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