Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 Passengers Made Me Wondering.

Often Passengers do or say something so strange that keeps me wondering for days what they were even thinking? well last night was no different. I had 3 passengers kept me wondering were they even serious?

First Passenger, A male & Female.

Girl: I want another snow storm.
Guy: Yeah I want another blizzard. A complete whiteout (girl says yeah while guy continues) where a lot of peoples die.

I looked him for a brief moment in my back mirror with disbelieve and sigh, girl went quite and so did the guy. why would you wish for other peoples to die?

Second Passenger, A male.

He was standing on north east corner of 52nd and 5th ave. there were construction so left most lane was blocked and made one way into 52nd with cones. he got in and said 53rd and madisson.
I told him its just one block you wana walk? he said oh no I mean 37th and 10th.
so I was forced now into 52 and he asked why are you going this way?
now I was wondering is he even serious? he told me 53 and after I corrected him he is still asking me the question?

Third Passenger, 4 Females from Fordham University.

the one who was suppose to babysit. I call baby sit the one who sits infront with me and answer all the silly questions over & over again by the other 3.

She said, "441 E Fordham Road its only 30 blocks from here."

Now I am a cab driver and I sure know there is no fordham road in 30 block radius from 52nd street. so why would you lie to me? despite me telling her that I got her destination she kept insisting finding driving directions on her fone, it was probably verizon fone and wanted a starting address.

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