Friday, January 21, 2011

Alternate Side Parking

Since we seems to have snow every week ever since that blizzard, its more important to know about alternate side street parking. wether you rely on 1010 or not its a good idea to know before you are ticketed coz incase you drive a lot in city, specially if you are a "cabbie" you would notice a lot of ongoing ticketing activity. nypd will ticket you for almost anything. most of the time I see them ticketing cab drivers including black car. reason? well with all that snow city needs money and its coming out of poor working class drivers. why? coz we dont fight and we are the ones with same time cash. specially for black car drivers if only the bad peoples werent enough to rip them off of their money.

I found alternate street parking' twitter page. thought to share so new yorkers can save a few extra bucks from our mayor.


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