Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Invade of German & Brown Roaches

In newyork where ever I go I find either roaches or mice. I hate both. in my current apartement they are alot I think hunderds of them reside in. reason? well my room mate never bothered to take care of them but when I moved in I took them seriously cause they are nasty and they make you sick.
just last summer I used raid max black & it worked pretty fine. it kept killing them or at least I couldnt see them for a while. Now for this apartment I couldnt find the same product at walgreens.
so I bought raid max bug barrier which claims to keep killing german roaches for upto 12 months but either thats a fals claim or all left in my apartment are browns roaches.
after using the first bottle I saw a dramatic decline of roaches. but after 48 hours there were a few but they were the big ones or tiny ones seem like just hatched.
so i bought 2 more bottles and sprayed thoroughly but that only helped with on contact, later on you could see the queens/mothers the big ones venturing around. so I went and bought 2 boxes of old time moth balls. I placed them in my room and they seemed to work a little as I didnt see any afterwards. but still there are some.
so after deciding that enough toxic pestisides in home I should look for a natural way. being from sub continent I know there are a lot of natural stuff out there freely avaialabe to use to repell pests rather spend on harmfull pestisides. for example a tree called نیم "neem" is very good for termites and book worms.
anyway so I found this and I am going to give it a try.
first is boric acid which is suppose to kill them all as its toxic to roaches.
second is the mixture of baking powder & sugar with a nearby source of water which is going to create a gas trouble for the roach and eventually will kill 'em.
any other ideas or tips are welcome.
I will write an update about whether these method worked or not.


NYC taxi photo said...

yes! big nyc problem, well, big city problem overall. I grew up the east village so we were always trying solutions, and occasionally would get the landlord to hire an exterminator to fumigate the apartment while we went on a week's vacation. The boric acid if i remember was to be used in cracks, especially in the bathroom, and around the kitchen sink. the roaches love water, make sure all water sources are completely turned off when you aren't using them, and wipe clean all the sinks, also the boric acid is still not totally safe so don't mix it in an area that you might eat from such as in the sink with your dishes.

luckily my apartment hasn't had much trouble, it came fumigated before i took up residence as i think that is a legal mandate, if there are roach problems as long as you have a legal lease, you can ask your super to get an exterminator at no charge. hah! well ideally you can, though i'm sure a lot of living situations aren't so kind as to follow the law.

but yeah, i guess my advice is to make sure your using those roach killing solutions in good places like cracks in the floors near the oven (the love the oven) and also at the front door, basically block all entry points and food sources for the insects. and make sure you have no traces of food or water, clean the stove and oven, etc.. etc..

hope this was helpful and not just blabber.

NYC said...

hi yes you were very helpful n I was glad to hear from u

unfortunately my aptmnt is the perfect place for roaches. inface its paradise. I m using soap water and it works. still couldnt get hold of boric acid powder. walgreens didnt have it.

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