Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Special Post for NYPost

this one is special for nypost as they seem to have no knowledge but good at just to fill the paper to sell.
an nypost writer' post

TLC is more hard on cabbies than it really should have been and we actually want to make a union to get rid some of the abuse we have been facing.
for example
We are business entity and run our own so we can not have any kind of facilities any employee would have but as a business we can not chose which credit card transaction provider to chose from. every business pay 2.5% we pay 5%, a full double. for every 100 dollars we loose 5 dollars. you do the math. its TLC fogh.rced cabbie to tell you "sir my credit card unit is broke." its a double standard with no health or benefits while you do have.
TLC is no where to be found when other car services pick up passengers from street. they steal our bread and butter while we cant do anything about it. for example we are forced to charge you $45 for JFK. you wana know how much a black car charges for JFK? 80 bucks. how about laguardia? $60. in the real world that forces and yes I said forces cabbie to compete in any way possible to just get enough, keep in mind no health care/benefits.
in TLC courts they dont listen to you. they just assume you are criminal. innocent until proven guilty is not the case with a cabbie. he is judged as soon as he gets his license. they only believe to the passenger no matter what. your words never weigh. in nypd you cant complain about a car accident just a little over after a week but in TLC you can complain against a driver even after a year, driver has to break a day and come to the court. and even if he some how gets lucky enough to be found not guilty he still lost his day. I would like it to be forced TLC through a union to make the complainer pay for the driver for that day so there are no more false accusation against drivers just because you didnt know the law and TLC system.
Now the cell phone ban. ok a taxi driver is dangerous while on phone to his passenger if he is in an accident? what about the other ppls on phone? oh they are not carrying passenger. ok but still they can hit somebody? right? if yes then shouldnt be they banned too? why just a group of ppls? a cabbie is as much hazard to public while on phone as much as private drivers on phone. ban them too and lets all enjoy the safer world. wait is that you on phone? you cant wait a minute to get on phone and yes most of the time we have to honk at you because you were on phone and didnt care about walk or dont walk signal.
an alliance is not enough we need a union.

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