Sunday, April 4, 2010

well done TLC

Ever since the new york time' story about crooked cabby and our commissioner's admittance and then backing off of his accusation we are left with peoples always doubting you.
First incident. I took a girl and 3 boys. she sat with me in front. told me to go to her destination. on our way she asked have I taken the shortest route? I said yes. She was taking some underage guys to club and was swiping their ids to get them inside.
Second incident. same night I took a guy he was going uptown he asked me plent of questions. like would I take a guy with mean looks to easy new york? I said mean looking and being mean to me are 2 different things. he insisted would you or would you not if he is real mean tall muscular african american going to east newyork or harlem? then when he was leaving he asked me whats that extra? I explained it to him and he didnt tip me and I am assuming he was too tired.
Third Incident the very next guy jumped in and asked me, "whats up with this extra?" I explained that they do change so dont believe that story in ny times. we both laughed. then I explained it to him that its actually MTA surcharge which makes the extra always flip and offered him to print him a receipt so he can see it for himself. he was surprised that this extra 50 cent is not for me.
if you dont know with each ride you take on nyc taxi you pay 50 cents for MTA and its not going into taxi driver's pocket.
had we been united we could easily make TLC and MTA pay us back. this surcharge has been paid from our tips and no body knows/notice that we are paying credit card fee on those surcharges too which should not be on us.

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