Monday, April 12, 2010

How to pay a nyc cab driver tax

Since this was my first year to pay my state and federal taxes as a cab driver so I was a bit confuse. I asked my friends and all of them go to an accountant to do the taxes. but it was irritating. I preferred doing my own taxes and did all my previous years taxes my self. They were simple 1040ez tax forms to fill and send. but why it would be so difficult to pay a self employed tax yourself?
so I tried today with turbo tax but was stuck at 1099 misc. I know your company provide you with one if you work with them but as a cab driver I had no 1099 misc form. and still it was a $100 to file so I said why still pay if I am doing my own taxes?
so I made an appointment with an accountant and went to him.
He was quick and efficient. He knew what he was doing and added all of my expenses and added phone bills and one more deduction I didn't know also I didn't know that you can deduct what ever you paid to an attorney for fighting a ticket. He was very friendly and answered my questions in plain and with every possible details. overall I liked my experience with him. he was awesome.
he charges $75 and said there was some kind of tax on them so it was $85. He also did the MTA tax too. his office is at

Raza Associates Inc
Insurance & Accounting
74-09 37th ave. suite 300
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Tel: (718) 898-9000
Fax: (718) 898-2167

Tell me how do you pay your taxes? do you do it your self or through an accountant? how much does it cost with your accountant?

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NYC taxi photo said...

Wow, that is great! I hate doing the taxes, still haven't done them yet, when i went to accountant she did them all wrong and charged 200 dollars. I've never deducted the lawyer fees before, that's good to know. it sucks how hard it is every year. and i would use in accountant if i trusted that they knew what they were doing and they were cheap as well. your guy sounds good. too late now, but next year, i'll try to remember this suggestion.

I'm just going to copy what i did the previous years with the addition of form b13 or something for the new obama deduction for everyone. it would be so nice to have an accountant who could take care of everything for a reasonable price. especially when it is so hard to keep track of everything one makes and spends while working.

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